Jonas Samson students experience camping

Teacher Rob Kozinski gives students some tips on fishing before heading out into the water.

By Terry Villeneuve

Jonas Samson Junior High’s Grade 8 camping trip to the Meadow Lake Provincial Park went ahead last week despite being cancelled days earlier.

For many students it’s the highlight of their year and when the provincial teacher’s strike loomed, organizers had no choice but to call it off. However, when a mediator came into the picture, teachers quickly re-organized the event and made it happen.

“We made some calls to businesses like Schwing’s (Meating Place) and they came through,” said the camp’s main organizer Doug Smith. “We shortened the trip by one day, but I think the kids still had a great time.”

Buses were loaded with supplies and students during the noon hour on June 1 and they spent two nights camped out in tents at Matheson Lake.

Students were taught how to set up a campsite properly and cook meals over an open fire among other things.

The ever-popular Great and Mini-Race was held on the beach the first evening and then class learning was performed outdoors that included art, predator and prey, fishing, canoeing, archery and beach volleyball. And of course, there was plenty of time for other beach activities and swimming.

Smith said the weather cooperated.

“The weather during the day was just awesome and at night it rained a bit so that was perfect for the teachers as it kept students huddled up in their tents,” he said.

The Grade 8 camping trip has been held for more than 30 years straight and Smith said it would have been devastating to not only the students, but the community as well if it did not go ahead.


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