Meadow Lake’s postal workers walk the line

Meadow Lake's postal workers donned Locked Out signs as they were barred from entering their work place Wednesday morning. Canada Post cited four main reasons for the lockout, of which one was estimated losses approaching $100 million

By Rhonda Cooper

Mail service ground to a halt last Wednesday morning when Canada Post Corporation (CPC) decided to counter the Canadian Union of Postal Workers’ (CUPW) rotating strikes by implementing a nation-wide lock out of its workers. In Meadow Lake, the five local employees, two full time, two part time and one casual hit the sidewalk to protest the lock out.

“We feel it’s very irresponsible of CPC to lock us out,” stated Brenda Twidale, a senior employee at the local outlet.

“It is unfair to the customers who have paid to have their mail delivered and it is unfair to us who want to deliver it.”

For Meadow Lake residents, the mail strike can be summed up as irksome.

“I would say it is just an inconvenience,” stated Newton Friedrich, a Meadow Lake farmer/rancher.

“We do a lot of government business through the mail. You can pay bills like SaskPower on-line but our business all comes through the mail. Right now we have a girl from Germany staying with us and she is trying to mail postcards home.”

Shelley Johnston described the strike as “a pain in the butt.” Johnston has forms filled out and ready to mail but is unable to send them. When asked if delays would be an issue, her reply was “I’m okay with deadlines. It is just nice to get it done and out of the way.”

Since the lock out last Wednesday, the Meadow Lake Co-op has been faxing and emailing general correspondence.

“One of the big decisions we needed to make was whether to hold or mail the May customer statements,”said Jan Parker, office manager of the Co-op. “The mail was getting through (earlier) so we were able to mail them.”

Parker added it’s up to the customer to get their payments in on time.

“We are only a phone call away for those requiring information about their accounts.”


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