Carpenter High students shoot top-ranked photos

Rebecca Muxlow and Tianna Green, Grade 12 and 10 students respectively, won honourable mentions in this year's Josten's Photo Contest

By Rhonda Cooper

One photo captured a moment in time while the other was carefully planned and composed, but both were judged to be one of the top five student photographs in Canada.

High school students Rebekah Muxlow and Tianna Green may be at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to photography, but they now share the accolades of being Honourable Mention winners in the nation-wide Josten’s Photo Contest.

“Our girls did outstandingly well,” beamed Carpenter High School teacher and yearbook advisor, Jodine Wiebe. “They are the only two students from Saskatchewan and the prairies to win. The other winners came from Ontario, Quebec and the east coast.”

Muxlow’s win came in the sports category.

“My friend Kayla Twidale is the yearbook photographer. We were watching the (football) game and I asked her if I could play with the camera so I could play photographer for a while. I am always playing around with friends’ cameras,” she said.

Muxlow’s timing was spot-on as she caught a Spartan player eluding a tackle with a teammate in the background.

“We looked at it right away and a lot of people were commenting on what a great moment it was,” said Muxlow, adding when Wiebe saw it she said she was going to enter it in the contest. “I didn’t think I would get anything because many people put so much work into photography,” Muxlow added.

Although she does not yet have her own camera, Muxlow speculated that as a result of her win, she may be receiving one as a grad gift.

Green’s entry was in the open/creative category.

“I am really into photography,” she said. “Ever since Grade 7.

“I was standing on my desk, with my shoes lined up. I took the picture, then I changed clothes and took the second picture. I then put the two pictures together.”

Green was also approached by Wiebe to enter the school contest.

The photo was then entered into the Josten’s contest.

“I didn’t think it would be noticed. I was checking the website and the(other) photos were really good,” Green said.

This particular photo Green has also used as part of Project 365 – photographers post a photo online for every day of the year; posted on Facebook where it received 55 likes which inspires her to do more. It is also the first piece of art she has sold.

“It was blown up to poster size and my art teacher bought it and has it hanging on her wall,” Green said.

The girls learned about their win a couple of weeks ago, but the prizes just arrived Monday, June 20. As part of the reward, both Muxlow and Green receive enlarged copies of their entries as does the school. The photos will also be published in Josten’s, The Look Book.

“It contains photos of the best yearbooks, covers and the photo contest photos. It is published in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is distributed throughout the United States and Europe. So it is a national contest with international exposure,” explained Wiebe.


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