Motorcycle cruise night

The weekly motorcycle ride Thursday, June 23 saw 10 bikes and 12 riders hit the road to Dorintosh for coffee and conversation.

By Rhonda Cooper

“Whoever has a motorcycle that is street legal is welcome to come,” said Leo Veller, a Meadow Lake bike enthusiast. He and bike friends Rod King and Pernel Esau came up with the idea for weekly rides about a year ago.

“There are a lot of bikes around Meadow Lake and we thought it would be  fun to get together and go for a cruise somewhere,” Veller said.

Meadow Lake A&W was approached and was agreeable to the riders using the location as the gathering spot and start point for the weekly runs. Thursday night was declared bike night. The first run was originally slated for the first week of May of this year but good weather and eager riders, saw the first cruise occur the last week of April.

“We had five bikes. The next we had seven and the week after that we were joined by three bikes from Goodsoil. Two weeks ago we had 13 bikes and 16 riders,” said Veller.

The destination is different each week. The group gathers, hits the road, stops for coffee at the chosen location and then returns home.

“It’s a chance to socialize and ride. A number of guys haven’t been out yet because Thursday is also men’s night at the golf course,” Veller added.

It is a diverse group of riders, including brothers, husbands and wives, fathers and sons and individuals.

“We welcome any and all riders.”

While future plans for the group may include hosting a bike rally with the proceeds donated to a charitable organization, Veller says the more immediate goal is to hit the blacktop, visit some communities, enjoy some coffee, engage in conversation and return home.


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