Guy Lariviere runs in FSIN election

By Ben Ingram

Former Canoe Lake chief Guy Lariviere has announced he intends to seek election as the Second Vice-Chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations.

Lariviere said his decision came after colleagues cited him as a person with knowledge of the concerns held by various chiefs in the northwest and Saskatchewan.

“I want to have everybody in the northwest involved in the things that we do. It will impact everybody, even the business community in Meadow Lake and business communities in Buffalo Narrows,” Lariviere said.

As part of his campaign, Lariviere wants to focus on economic development and providing the northwest with an added hand at the provincial level of government. He pointed to the industries of oil and gas, potash and the struggling lumber industry as areas he felt could benefit from increased consultation.

“For northwest Saskatchewan, not just First Nations but including non-First Nations and Métis, I think it will be an advantage for us in our area,” Lariviere said. “We haven’t had anybody from this area at the FSIN executive, that’s one of things that I’ll be promoting in meetings with Brad Wall’s cabinet.”

The last FSIN member from the northwest area was Tom Iron, also of Canoe Lake, who served into the early-1990s, Lariviere said.

“At that time it was a different climate,” Lariviere added. “Things have been coming up in the last little while, different ball game now.”

Lariviere made the decision to explore the possibility of an election back in February and set out to Saskatoon to begin “testing the temperature.” He said he felt the lack of change in First Nations leadership has led to discussions around “trying to get some integrity into the FSIN.”

“I know what the chiefs are looking for,” Lariviere said of his experiences as the chief of Canoe Lake. “Even small things like attendance at assemblies. There’s a lot of things that the chiefs want that I know,” he said.


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