Meadow Lake drivers strong in Lloydminster CPCA

Dallas Dyck readies up for his run at the third day of Colonial Days chuckwagon racing in Lloydminster. Dyck’s run was the eighth and final of the night, a solid 1:20.06 good enough for sixth place but not enough to catch Layne MacGillivary who took first overall. “This turned out to be really good, I know I’ve never had a second day or a day money before and I got that the last two days,” Dyck said after placing first and second in the first races only to follow up with a sixth place race on the third day. “It went alright.”

By Ben Ingram

Former Meadow Laker Dallas Dyck finished second overall at the Lloydminster Colonial Days after posting a sixth-place time last Friday.

The July 15 races were the third and final for the event whiche featured drvers from both the Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Assocation and their counterparts, the World Professional Chuckwagon Association. It was an event for drivers who were not participating at the Calgary Stampede and Dyck make the most of it.

“I’m pretty happy,” he said. “If we can continue going into Meadow Lake like this, I’ll be smiling.”

Dyck rounded out the event finishing second on the first day, first on the second, and sixth on Friday. His total time of 3:57.66 was only slightly removed from first place finisher Lane MacGillivary of the WPCA.

The seven-year driver attributed the success to a new first-year horse on his left lead, saying “he’s unreal.”

“It helps that my right leader and my left leader are buddies, standing side-by-side,” he said. “My outfits are working good now, as long as the driver keeps his head up.”

BJ Carey, who currently eight in the CPCA standings, made two hard runs last Friday. The better of his two outfits finished 14th after three days.

The former Meadow Laker, who now resides in St. Walburg, attributed his success this year to “just staying clean, running clean, no penalties.”

It was a different story on July 15 when Carey’s second outfit incurred six seconds worth of penalties, a stove not loaded, outrider knocked barrel and outrider failed to finish.

“I was trying things tonight, I switched some horses around just trying to see what was going to happen,” Carey said. “That’s what this show is all about for me.”

Carey was also charged with a one-second wagon ahead of barrel penalty in his first race, his better showing of the night at 1:24.35, good only for 21st place.

Looking forward, Carey has his eyes on Calgary.

“I tried stuff here so I can go back and run hard, try running with those guys that are in Calgary and stay where I am in eighth,” he said.

Meadow Lake’s Ross Fisher had a clean run for the evening at 1:21.01, placing sixth overall in the three-day event.

Fisher currently stands at 22 in the CPCA rankings.

“I’ve got some work to do to get to the top 10 that’s for sure, about 100 points out but I ain’t giving up yet. They’re running good now. I worked a few things out here,” he said.

Fisher tested his luck by hooking up a new horse to his second outfit, but it was a risk well worth taking.

“He’s really good, I really like him,” he said. “He’s brand new this year, he came from Idaho, a nice big horse.”

The next round of races for all CPCA drivers is this weekend in Meadow Lake.


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