Meadow Lake Sr. White Sox third in NSRBL

Meadow Lake’s Quincy Winkler will join the Lloydminster Twins for the Senior AA Provincial Championship in Saskatoon, July 29-Aug.1. tournament.

By Ben Ingram

The Meadow Lake Sr. Sox finished their season with a bang, going 6-1 during the month of July and finishing third in the league standings as of July 18.

The Lloydminster Juniors, who Meadow Lake beat by forfeit on July 12, could still tie the Sox. As the local team currently holds a 15 run advantage, including the forfeit win against the Juniors, the Sox would likely hold onto third.

The momentum is good news for the Sox who will be host to the Senior A Provincials 4-team championship during the first week of August.

“We all have to play our best,” Regan Beck said of the approaching tournament. The team has had its eyes set on a tournament victory in front of local fans all season. “It’ll be a good tournament, there will be good teams here.”

It may be the last time the team has the chance to compete at the A2 level in provincials, should the recent census reveal the city’s population has increased over 5,000.

The Sox have had to catch up with a handful of rained out games over the past weeks. Since last Tuesday, the team played six games, winning five.

On Friday the Sox dropped a 11-0 decision to the undefeated Lloydminster Twins who hold onto first place with a 12-0-1 record that includes 117 runs, for but only 28 against.

Fortunately for the Sox, the Twins will be competing in the fiercer AA provincials tournament held in Saskatoon. But it won’t be a write off as the team will still face the second-place Wilkie Brewers, who defeated the Sox 9-1 back on June 5.

The Sox will also have to do without powerhouse hitter Quincy Winkler, who has decided to compete with the Twins for a AA victory.

“I want to play the best ball in the province, that’s the bottom line,” Winkler said, expressing a desire to still play with his home team. “I wish I could play both, they made a rule that I can’t.”

Winkler expects to pitch for the Twins in Saskatoon, as a nagging knee injury going back to April of this year has limited his abilities.

While Winkler has regained much of his form, he still finds his running ability limited.

“Anything I hit is either a home run or a single. If I hit it to the fence I can only get to first on it,” he said.

According to Beck, the team will also have to do without Darcy Slater during the tournament, but expects to add Kale Lajeunesse, who played two games for the Sox last year, and Jordan Stacy, who had two strong games for the team in June.

“Basically everybody but Quincy,” Beck said.

The Sox will play three round-robin games from Aug. 5 to 7.  First and second place finishers will play an additional game, two if the first-place team goes undefeated, on Sunday afternoon.


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