Green Lake to open new RV park

By Mac Christie

Don’t be surprised to see more tourists around Green Lake starting next spring, because that’s when a new, municipally-owned RV park is expected to open in the community.

The project, which was announced last fall, will see 25 full-service sites and 20 day sites be constructed on the east side of Green Lake, where there’s currently a municipal boat launch.

Green Lake administrator Tina Rasmussen said the park is part of a bid to bring more tourists to the area.

“A couple years ago our community did a comprehensive economic development plan,” she said. “The community said they felt we should be doing something in the tourism area, so we did that.”

The campground is expected to have a small store and office with shower facilities, and Rasmussen added council is even considering building a marina.

“It’s definitely going to bring a lot more tourist activity,” she said. “There are a couple of other campgrounds within 20 to 30 kilometres of Green Lake, but nothing right in Green Lake, apart from a privately owned one.”

Green Lake alderman Howard Sinclair said the park will bring a lot of potential to the community.

“At one time, years ago when the government used to run the campground here, there used to be a lot of people coming in,” he said. “Hopefully this will do the same.”

Sinclair also noted that Green Lake is a central hub for travellers heading north, which should help business.

“Everybody’s got to go through Green Lake to go north,” he said. “So this is pretty well central here.”

The project is also expected to bring jobs to the area, because the municipality will require people to operate the park. Rasmussen said she expects to hire five or six people.

But she also hopes it will provide opportunities for local people to start up other businesses that cater to tourism.

“Maybe someone wants to do boat or ATV rentals,’ she said. “There’s hundreds of options- an ice cream stand even.”

The total cost of the project is expected to be $2.1 million. To help with the cost Green Lake received a $1.5 million grant from Enterprise Saskatchewan.

However the rest of the bill will have to be footed by the municipality, and SInclair said they might have to borrow the money.

‘It will be a fair amount of our budget,” he said.

The park’s engineering work is basically complete, said Rasmussen, and they’re entering the tender process for a contractor now.

“We’re expecting the request for proposals to close on the tenth of August,” she said. “As soon as we get a primary contractor, we’ll start work.”


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