Meadow Lake to join walk against Nuclear Waste

By Ben Ingram

To protest the possibility of nuclear waste storage in Saskatchewan, a northern group has planned a walk of almost 800 km from Pinehouse Lake to deliver a petition.

The journey will take them through Green Lake on Thursday, where Flying Dust resident Judy Bear intends to meet up with them after a walk from Meadow Lake.

“Then from there, the walk goes on to Regina,” Bear said. “I think there will be a type of little ceremony where the water is put into the buffalo horn that we’re carrying.”

Opposition to the Nuclear Waste Management Organization proposal to build a long-term nuclear storage facility in Saskatchewan’s north has been growing for some time now, most recently during a June 2 forum held in Beauval.

“I know some people may see it as job creation but I don’t think Saskatchewan is so bad off that we need to have more jobs created in that field,” Bear said, highlighting her opposition to the proposal.

Bear said she hopes to make an arrangement with the city or Flying Dust for a 10 a.m. ceremony to be held Thursday, when the plan is to leave and meet up with the rest of the group at 3 p.m. in Green Lake.

Max Morin of the Committee for Future Generations is one of the main organizers of the walk. He said a forum will be held in Pinehouse today (July 26) before the group leaves.
Morin said the decision to hold the walk came after the “NWMO posted up posters saying the region has been consulted and they’re moving on to the next stage.”

He said supporters of the walk believe that the organization is expediting a process of consultation and ignoring opposition to the idea.

“They’re walking on eggshells. The people in Pinehouse, they don’t want this to happen. The people there are nervous, they don’t want to be sitting over this facility that’s going to be highly toxic,” he said.


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