Home Hardware denied construction permit

Wayne Marsh, co-owner of Meadow Lake's Home Hardware Building Centre stands beside the property the company purchased north of the city, on the east side of Highway 4 North. Approval has already been given by the Department of Highways to create a new access road to the south of the present turn off.

By Rhonda Cooper

More than a year of planning was put on hold when the Marsh family, owners of Meadow Lake’s Home Hardware Building Centre, learned at the end of June the required water permit for construction was denied by Saskatchewan Environment.

“Our goal was to begin construction this year,” said Wayne Marsh, co-owner. “Everything was in place.”

The possibility of expansion had been in the works for a couple of years. One aspect of that exploration was finding land that would accommodate 30,000 square feet of retail space. While a number of potential locations were examined, the owners determined the best site was the parcel of land north of RobWel Constructors Ltd. along Highway 4, north of the city – land that sits in the Rural Municipality of Meadow Lake No. 588.

In order to access city services, the land needs to be annexed from the RM. While that has not yet been accomplished, according to reeve John Lawson, there is no opposition from the RM.

“If they want to do it, they can,” he said.

Conversations between engineers for both Home Hardware Building Centre and the City of Meadow Lake were ongoing during the planning process.

“We were trying to make sure we had all our ducks in a row,” said Marsh, adding the initial plan was to extend the city’s existing water line to their location. “There is a six-inch main water line that ends right in front of RobWel. We would hook onto the line and take it just as far as we needed in order to supply water for our fire suppression system.”

Marsh explained this was so the business would meet the required building codes for retail outlets and potable water is not required.

At the end of June, Saskatchewan Environment denied the company’s bid for a water permit. “Tracey (Wolfe, city waterworks manager) who works closely with them had to tell us the news,” said Marsh.

The rejection came as a surprise to both parties as the three businesses located south of the proposed new site for Home Hardware Building Centre are all on permanent boil water advisories. Saskatchewan Environment deemed that a water loop must be constructed.

“The line would run down the east side of our property, then south behind the existing businesses to First Avenue,” said Marsh. “The problem is the chlorine level in the pipe is too low right now because there is no movement. That’s why there’s a boil water advisory.”

Home Hardware Building Centre had set July 15 as the last possible date for construction to begin. With that deadline now past, Marsh indicated they are looking to next year.

“We will try to stay in contact with the city and try to keep the lines of communication open between the city and the RM,” he added.

While those two bodies deal with the questions of annexation and the water, the Marsh family will once again go through the financing process and acquire new quotes for the required materials and work to be done in anticipation of a 2012 start date.

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