Alex Lucyshyn running for mayor

Alex Lucyshyn was the fourth and final candidate to enter the race for mayor of Meadow Lake

By Ben Ingram

The fourth and final candidate to step forward in the race for the mayor’s chair is Alex Lucyshyn.

While five forms were taken from the city, an official said one candidate was disqualified for having an out-of-city address.

A retired contractor and 15-year resident of Meadow Lake, Lucyshyn joins a final list that includes Coun. Toby Esterby, Al MacFarlane and Gary Vidal.

“My platform is (transparency) and infrastructure,” Lucyshyn said. “I can spend more time (on the job) in comparison to these other gents that are running.”

The retired Lucyshyn emphasized that his decision to run was based on the amount of free time he currently has, an advantage which has discouraged others from running.

“The city manager (Bruno Kossmann) probably needs a bit of a hand. The guy can do so much and second eyes never hurt anybody,” he said.

While Lucyshyn joins a top-to-bottom list of candidates echoing infrastructure concerns in the city, he said he hopes to stand out in the campaign as being someone who has more time to focus on the job.

“There’s different areas where I think it should be looked at. If people want to build homes, they should be able to,” he said.

The four candidates running for mayor will now be focused on the Sept. 14 byelection date. While the city’s former mayor, Darwin Obrigewitsch, ran unopposed in the last mayoral race, the cast of fresh candidates promises to make it a more interesting campaign.

Lucyshyn plans to begin distributing a flyer that outlines his platform. As for transparency, while a great deal of information is already made public by the city, his feeling is that improvements can be made.

“I think to separate from the other gents that are running, a person has to sit down with the town and some of the taxpayers and decide what we’re going to do here,” he said. “They want answers and they’re not getting (them).”

He also raised a concern about the impact of the year’s heavy rains on building towards next year’s Summer Games.

“If we get another wet spring next year, I don’t know if we’ll be ready…They’re running behind already, so what do you do?” he said.

The deadline for nominations was last Wednesday, Aug. 10. The candidates had a short time after that where they could decide to pull out of the race but none did, securing a four-person race for the chair this September.


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