Beaubien, Desjarlais pony champions

By Mac Christie

The Northwest Saskatchewan Pony Chariot and Chuckwagon season wrapped up this past weekend at One Arrow First Nation in central Saskatchewan.

After a long season of racing Kim Beaubien of Rapid View finished atop the chariot standings with 280 points. He was followed by son Keyton, with 228.5 points and Larry Pahtyken of Onion Lake in third with 218.5 points.

The season’s top driver in chuckwagons was Kevin Desjarlais of Cold Lake, Alta., with 235 points, followed by Chinney Bremner of Waterhen Lake with 229. The top three was rounded out by Meadow Lake’s Paul Ross, who finished with 179 points.

The weekend also saw the naming of the top rookies in both the chariot and wagon divisions.

Meadow Lake’s Diane Gervais was named the top driver in the chariot division, after finishing in eighth place with 140 points. The top rookie in wagons was Darren Dyck of Edam.

The weekend’s racing saw Adam Sanderson of Fort La Corne finish first in chariots with a combined time of 1:52.87. Elvis Cross of Frog Lake, Alta., followed in second with a total time of 1:55.37 and Garth Sanderson of Fort La Corne rounded out the top three at 1:56.99.

Meanwhile, Kevin Desjarlais concluded the season on a winning note, topping the weekend standings with a combined time of 1:59.45. Garth Sanderson placed second in wagons with a two-day time of 2:00.05, closely followed by Len Arcand of Muskeg Lake at 2:00.43.

Although the Aug. 20-21 show concluded the points season, the association will hold a meet for cash prizes Aug. 27-28 during the Bear Creek Gymkhana.

Final Chariot Standings
1. Kim Beaubien
2. Keyton Beaubien
3. Larry Pahtayken
4. Riley Desjarlais
5. Kelvin Desjarlais
6. Garry Spenst
7. Elvis Cross
8. Diane Gervais
9. Keyton Beaubien
10. Steve Linklater

Final Chuckwagon Standings
1. Kevin Desjarlais
2. Chinney Bremner
3. Paul Ross
4. Fred Fiddler
5. Gerald L’Heureux
6. Lennard Ouellette
7. Joe Fiddler
8. Harvey Sanderson
9. Len Arcand
10. Morris Whiskeyjack



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