Bear cubs spared

The two bear cubs captured at Mark Dallyn's facility - Photo by Jillian Doucet

By Ben Ingram

Mark Dallyn of Healing Haven Wildlife Rescue received some good news recently as the Ministry of Environment has decided to once again allow him to care for a pair of orphaned bear cubs.

The two cubs came into his possession when a sow was killed at Kimball Lake. The Ministry originally told Dallyn that he would not be able to care for the new set as provincial regulations are still in their infancy and he requires upgrades to his facility.

“We’ve taken into consideration that he has agreed to upgrade his facility to meet the captive wildlife regulations and to look at some policy procedure protocols for activities around his place,” Ministry of Environment ecologist Rob Tether said.

The needed upgrades include a secondary perimeter fence to provide added protection against the bears escaping before their release date.

Tether said that he expects the new set of cubs to be an opportunity for further study into the crafting of provincial regulations for the rehabilitation of bears. He expects the new bears will be marked for tracking in order to help develop stronger policy at the provincial level.

“I think it ends up being a win-win for everybody, it will help the ministry to develop a policy on what they want to do with orphaned cubs,” he said.

One Response to “Bear cubs spared”
  1. Jan Shadick says:

    I hope they look into setting clearer policies for all wildlife rehabilitation, from training standards to care standards, not just for bears.

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