Flying Dust goes national with APTN

By Ben Ingram

View the documentary by clicking here: Part 1 and Part 2

Last week, Flying Dust First Nation went national with a two-part documentary on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network.

The documentary was played on the 6 p.m. news and showed people across Canada the unique relationship shared between Flying Dust and the city of Meadow Lake.

Michael Hutchinson worked alongside the on-air talent of Delaney Windigo, spending roughly five days in the community and covering events like the pow wow and Braveheart Oil and Gas deal.

“There’s many First Nation communities that are near or close to mainstream communities but they often don’t have as good a relationship as what I can see going on between Flying Dust and Meadow Lake,” Hutchinson said, describing what he wanted to capture with the work.

The documentary, broken up into two 10-minute segments, covered the close relationship Flying Dust shares with Meadow Lake, as well as economic development, youth issues, culture and agriculture.

“There seems to be a tone and spirit of cooperation between the two communities. I think that’s something that both communities should be proud of,” Hutchinson said.

It’s Your Town: Up Close and Personal With Flying Dust was part of an APTN series created by the news department. After receiving several nominations, the network chose Flying Dust to be this year’s participant.

Hutchinson and Windigo visited Flying Dust and the city, taking in the sights and sounds of the community and capturing it on film. For Hutchinson, his favourite part was visiting Gladue Lake to film a fishing segment where Windigo tried her hand at the local pass time.

“Gladue Lake is a wonderful area,” he said, offering the pow wow as another favourite memory of his time in Flying Dust. “I always enjoy a good pow wow, when those drums grab you, it’s hard not to feel that energy.

Flying Dust was nominated by Albert Derocher, who saw the program as an opportunity to put the community on the national stage and demonstrate its economic vitality.

The network was intrigued by his submission which spoke of the partnerships between Meadow Lake and Flying Dust.

“I believe in my community, I believe in the people here, I believe in our leadership and it’s a great place to live,” Derocher said. “That program, it promoted our communities. Promoted them to show other companies that we’re here, we’re open for business.”

The two-part series aired on Sept. 13 and 14 but is also available online through APTN’s website.


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