Gorsts, Moore to leave CPCA

By Mac Christie

Some of the top names in the Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association will be leaving the tour next year, heading to the World Professional Chuckwagon Association.

Three of the CPCA’s top four drivers, Gary and Logan Gorst and Roger Moore, qualified in the WPCA’s Qualification Run-Off, four days of racing recently in Strathmore, Alta.

Gary finished in first place out of 10 wagons, followed by Logan in second and Moore in third.

“I always wanted to and couldn’t because of work,” Gary, 56, said about joining the WPCA. “You’re committed to going full-time over there.”

Because he worked for the Ministry of Highways, it wasn’t possible. But now that he’ll be retiring in the spring, he’ll have more time.

The Gorsts will also be bringing Gary’s youngest son, champion outrider Dustin Gorst, with them to the other association.

The WPCA is excited to have top drivers joining the circuit, said marketing manager Meghan Chevrette-McIvor.

“It’ll press the our top echelon of drivers and really improve the quality of the drivers in the WPCA to have those top names,” she said.

She added they’re always looking to have the best chuckwagon drivers in the circuit.

“Gary, Logan and Roger are top, top drivers,” Chevrette-McIvor noted. “I know they’d all love to win Calgary and being part of the WPCA helps that.”

Gary Gorst agreed, noting drivers from the WPCA have won the majority of the time at the Calgary Stampede.

There’s also a family connection for the Gorst family, who spends the summer on the circuit.

Logan’s father-in-law, Luke Tournier, races in the world circuit.

“The grandchildren come on the road with us, and the other grandpa races on that circuit,” said Gary of Tournier. ‘So they’ll get to see him more.”

Roger Moore, 45, on the other hand, is leaving the CPCA because he has problems with the upper management of the association.

“I’m fed up with the leadership, not the CPCA itself,” he noted. “(The CPCA) has always been home for me and always will be home. It’s frustrating to have to move away to prove a point.”

While the CPCA is disappointed to see some of the top drivers leave, the association’s marketing manager, Bryan Hebson, said it’s part of the business.

”It’s just like any sports association,” he said. “People get traded and move on.”

But at the same time, he noted the CPCA has many young drivers that are still driving on the tour.

“Changes happen, but we’re confident that the drivers we have will continue to help grow the association,” he added.

As for Moore’s reason for leaving, Hebson said while it’s unfortunate, it happens.

“People don’t always see eye to eye with leadership and in a lot of cases people have to choose to leave that environment,” he noted. “That’s Roger’s reasoning and you have to respect it.”


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