Spartans conquered by Delisle Rebels

Spartans players like Ronnie Goretzki were on the run Friday against the Delisle Rebels. After going undefeated during their first two games, the team's home opener ended in upset with a resounding 53-0 Rebel victory. “We all need to really improve and it's gotta be very soon. Three games in, but we want to make it pretty far this year,” Goretzki said.

By Ben Ingram

After an explosive start to the season, Carpenter High School’s Spartans football team was handed a total defeat at the hands of the Delisle Rebels on Friday, losing 53-0.

The Spartans came into the match with a high degree of confidence, bolstered by two convincing wins over Kindersley and Unity. A regular amongst the top-ranking teams in the league, Delisle was also undefeated headed into the match.

Spartans coach Craig Paylor said the resounding wins over Kindersley and Unity did not prepare the team for the challenge they faced against the Rebels.

“It will only benefit us in the long run in terms of trying to fight back from something like this,” he said after the game.

The crippling aspect of the Spartans play, according to the coach, was actually the offence which failed to gain any significant ground on the Rebels.

Defensively, the coach said the team fell victim to a handful of major breakthroughs but played a decent game overall.

“It’s a humbling experience for these kids to get that. I know a lot of them were a little bit over confident but I think we were shown today what a real football club can do to win and we have to get to that point,” he said.

The game remained scoreless until the dying minutes of the first quarter when a Rebels touchdown caused the Spartans to lose their stride.

It became something of a bleeding wound at that point, as turnovers and penalties helped lead the Rebels to numerous conversions including one from a weak Spartans punt.

For the coaches, the job now is to review the game footage with the team and identify areas that need improvement. Following a 53-0 defeat however, the task is also to maintain a delicate balance between confidence and focus.

“The defence didn’t play that bad and the other positive is it’s only one game,” Paylor said. “It’s going to open up their eyes to what they need to do.”

One of the standouts in the game was Ronnie Goretzki, who managed to claim a respectable amount of yards from passes while the Spartans continue to run out of steam.

Goretzki said the loss was tough on the team and echoed the sentiments of his coach that a loss of composure and bad penalties only made the situation worse for the team.

“We just came out of the gate really slow and all of us really, we all could have played a lot better than we should have,” he said.

If the team could have been more consistent in its play, Goretzki said the result could have been much different. For him, there were a lot of positive aspects in the game despite the result, things that were masked by several breakdowns.

“We just gotta all pick each other up, we gotta just dust this off and we gotta go out next week and play our best,” he said.

The team’s next game is against North Battleford on Friday, 4 p.m. in Lions Park.


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