No foul play in death

RCMP Cst. Lynn Gaudet, a major crimes investigator from Saskatoon, catalogues evidence from the home of Bob Foster with a colleague Sept. 29 in Meadow Lake. Foster was found in his home Sept. 28, after not having been seen for several days. Foul play has been ruled out in his death, although the investigation did uncover thefts from his home.

Four charged with theft

By Mac Christie

The RCMP’s major crimes unit and forensic identification section were called to Meadow Lake Sept. 28, following the discovery of Robert Foster, 83, dead in his home.

A neighbour alerted the RCMP to the scene on Third Avenue West, after being concerned that they hadn’t seen Foster in several days.

Cst. Donald Caisse, the lead investigator on the case, said Foster was last seen on Sept. 21.

He added the identification unit was called in to cover all bases.

“When the cause of death isn’t apparent we call in the identification section,” he noted of the group that spent two days at the scene.

An autopsy was performed Sept. 30 in Saskatoon and police have ruled out foul play.

During the course of the investigation it was discovered that several people were breaking into Foster’s home while he was deceased.

Three youth and one adult have been charged with breaking and entering, and theft, but police are still on the lookout for other suspects who may have been involved.

Two of the youth, aged 17, appeared in provincial court in Meadow Lake Oct. 3. The other, who recently turned 18, will be in court Nov. 14, while the adult will appear Nov. 21. The RCMP has asked the Crown if the accused youth are able to be tried as adults.

Caisse said it is believed the break-ins occurred on Sept. 25 and 26. Most of the items stolen included a large amount of alcohol and cigars.


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