Know Your Candidates

Meadow Lake Constituency

Jeremy Harrison

Jeremy Harrison Sask Party

Full name: Jeremy Edward Harrison
Date of birth: Jan. 29, 1978
Birthplace: Saskatoon
Spouse: Alaina Harrison
Children: MacGregor (2) and Finnley (8 months)
Residence: Meadow Lake
Profession: Lawyer
Current Occupation: Cabinet Minister
Formal Education: Carpenter High School, University of Alberta (Canadian History and Political Science), University of Saskatchewan (Law), and University of Regina (Masters in Public Administration)
Boards/Committees served: Enterprise Saskatchewan (chair), Board of Internal Economy, and the Legislation and Regulation Review Committee, Cabinet Committee on Economic Development (chair)
Favourite TV show: Hockey Night in Canada
Hobbies: Golf, hunting and fishing
Why I chose to be in the Saskatchewan Party: My wife and I are raising our son and daughter here in Saskatchewan and I want to be part of the team that moves this province forward. Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan Party is moving Saskatchewan forward with lower taxes, better highways, and more nurses and doctors.
Main reason for running in the 2011 provincial election: I’m running in this election because we need to keep Saskatchewan moving forward. Saskatchewan has come a long way in four years: we have the highest population in our history and more people working here than ever before. I’m committed to working with Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan Party to keep this province moving forward with balanced, responsible budgets.
Biggest issue for my constituency: This election is very important in Meadow Lake because we have a clear choice: keep moving forward with Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan Party team or we can go backwards with Dwain Lingenfelter’s NDP. Meadow Lake has taken huge steps forward with the Saskatchewan Party in the last four years. We have so many new neighbours moving in that Meadow Lake has officially become a city. We’ve repaved roads such as Highways 3, 4, 26, and 55. We’ve lowered taxes.
Things I would like to say the other party candidates: I’d like to thank them for participating. We may have different ideas about how to move Saskatchewan forward, but it’s good to have people standing up for what they believe in.

Helen Ben

Helen Ben, NDP

Full name: Helen Ben
Date of birth: October 22, 1962
Birthplace: Loon Lake, Saskatchewan
Spouse: Walter
Children: four children and five grandchildren
Residence: Makwa Sahgaiehcan, Loon Lake
Profession: Teacher/School Principal
Current Occupation: Teacher/Educator
Formal Education: Bachelor of Education from U of S – still working towards Masters
Boards/Committees served: Chief for Makwa Sahgaiehcan Band / Meadow Lake Tribal Council Chief (MLTC) / Senate Member with the U of S for three years
Hobbies: Being a grandmother
Why I chose to be in the New Democratic Party: It’s the party that best represents the values of Meadow Lake and area. We’re a region that believes in community, working together, and a better standard of living for all of us. Over the years, New Democrats have delivered on public health care, balanced budgets, better access to education, and others. It’s a legacy we all benefit from.
Main reason for running in the 2011 provincial election: I’ve lived and raised a family in the Meadow Lake area for almost all my life. It’s a special place with special people. They deserve the best possible standard of living. Saskatchewan is going through an “economic boom” and many people in this region haven’t benefitted from it. For example, maintaining our homes grows more expensive and rents continue to rise; health care staff and facilities are disappearing.
It doesn’t have to be like this. We can have positive change that benefits Meadow Lake and area. I want to bring that message and your voice to Regina.
Biggest issue for my constituency: Folks in Meadow Lake and area have let me know that they’re primarily concerned with:
Affordability: Meadow Lake`s communities are becoming more expensive to live in. People living on fixed incomes, especially seniors and students have been hit hard by government-inspired increases in their cost of living. We`re working to bring costs down on housing, child care, education, care for seniors, and energy costs.
Doctors: Meadow Lake`s communities are facing difficult challenges trying to retain physicians, sometimes being forced to close hospital doors. Community Access Hospitals offer a practical option so people continue to have health and emergency services where and when they need them.
Better Financial Management: Saskatchewan seems to have missed an historic opportunity to diversify the Saskatchewan economy and ensure lasting prosperity for average families.
Things I would like to say the other party candidates: I’d like to thank them for taking an interest in our community and I’m looking forward to having a healthy debate on the future of Meadow Lake and the surrounding communities!

Susan Merasty

Susan Merasty Green Party

Full name: Mary Agnes Susan Merasty
Date of birth: February 14, 1960
Birthplace: Meadow Lake, Sask.
Spouse: Joseph Conrad Merasty (deceased)
Children: Five
Residence: Flying Dust First Nation
Profession: management
Current Occupation: Manager of Riverside Market Gardens
Formal Education: Bus. Admin., SBC, Saskatoon, Sask. two years Green Certificate Ag/Canada
Boards/Committees served: FD Cree8 Workers Co-op
Hobbies: beadwork
Why I chose to be in the Green Party: I’ve always followed the Green Party closely and voted for them because I identify with the party.
Biggest issue for my constituency: Access to affordable health care, education and housing.
Main reason for running in the 2011 provincial election: We need a change in leadership.
Things I would like to say the other party candidates: When elected keep campaign promises.


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