Green Lake’s Hoffart receives bravery award

Brian Hoffart (left) receiving his award from Lt.-Gov. Dr. Gordon Barnhart.

By Mac Christie

Green Lake’s Brian Hoffart received an award Oct. 24 for his part in saving three people trapped in a car during April 2010.

Hoffart was one of 13 people honoured at Government House in Regina by the Royal Canadian Humane Association.

He said the award is nice to receive, but he was just trying to do the right thing.

“Really I’m humbled by it,” he said, “but I just want people to realize that when you do something extraordinary there are people out there that recognize that.”

In fact, Hoffart, an outfitter, was surprised when he got a letter from what he thought was the Humane Society, informing him of his award.

“I thought who’s writing me from the Humane Society? Don’t they know what I do?” he said with a laugh. “Then I got my glasses on and saw what it was about.”

Hoffart, along with RCMP Cst. Adam Beuckert were honoured for saving the lives of a mother and two children, who were missing in a car for seven days by Robertson Lake.

Hoffart, who is a justice of the peace in Green Lake, was at the RCMP detachment when the Big River force called Green Lake for help.
In the course of the discussion, Hoffart learned that a 911 call had been made that had tripped the Green Lake tower.

‘If you go a mile east of Green Lake you’ve got no cell service,” he said. “But I know from my experiences guiding or picking wild rice on Robertson Lake that you can sometimes text out of there on a cloudy day.”

So Hoffart suggested they RCMP take a look on a logging road in the area.

“We came around the corner and here’s the car we were looking for in two-and-a-half feet of water,” he said. “I drove up beside the car and this little boy stuck his head out the window and said, ‘Are you here to take me home?’”

The mother and two children made a full recovery, but Hoffart doesn’t consider himself a

“People call you a hero and I say, well no,” he said. “We were just in the right place at the right time and thank goodness we knew where to look.”


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