Know Your Candidates- Athabasca

Buckley Belanger

Buckley Belanger, NDP

Full name: Buckley Belanger
Date of birth: March 21, 1960
Birthplace: Ilé-a la Crosse, Saskatchewan
Spouse: Beckie Belanger
Children: Three daughters -Michelle, Kellie, Taylor  and four grandchildren – Meika, Brody, Nixon, Mila
Residence: Ile-a-la Crosse
Profession: Businessman
Current Occupation: Member of the Legislative Assembly
Formal Education: Business Administration Certificate – GDI – Television and Radio Programming  and U of R Classes
Boards/Committees served: At one time youngest Cabinet Minister for two Premiers – Romanow and Calvert
Hobbies: Basketball, hockey, curling, volleyball and chess
Why I chose to be in the New Democratic Party: NDP is the only party that has done anything to respect the northern people and aboriginal people.
It took the NDP years to rebuild our finances, our economy, our people and after all that hard work with the people, the Sask Party inherited several billions and a booming economy and they now take that credit. The NDP are a proud party and have contributed much to Saskatchewan.
Main reason for running in the 2011 provincial election: To assert ourselves on our own land and using resource revenue sharing to build our economy, our infrastructures, our institutions, to protect our environment and our elders and to also protect our working people, especially those in organized labour.
Biggest issue for my constituency: Resource revenue sharing
Things I would like to say the other party candidates: How could you defend and run for a government that has given away our land and turned their back on our commercial fishing industry and our forestry industry despite having over 40 billion dollars over the past four years?  The only highway that has been fixed in our area over those four years was a 10 kilometre stretch north of Beauval that was announced previously by the NDP.

George Durocher

George Durocher, Green Party

Full name: George Albert Durocher
Date of birth: Oct. 22,1953
Birthplace: Doré Lake, Sask.
Spouse: Sandra Durocher
Children: MacKenzie Rose Durocher
Residence: Maidstone, Sask.
Profession: Owner of Caribou Venture Inc.
Current Occupation: Truck driver
Formal Education: Gr. 10, welding course (1982) offered through SIAST at West Side Community College in Buffalo Narrows
Boards/Committees served: Mayor of Doré Lake for seven years
Hobbies: Anything outdoors – boating, canoeing, relaxing at the lake, snowmobiling and trying to revive traditional activities like hide making and tracking.
Why I chose to be in the Green Party of Saskatchewan: My dad instilled in me the belief that you only take what you need. It is that value that attracted me to the Green Party of Saskatchewan. Plus, the party focuses on sustainability and environmental issues and those are important to me.
Main reason for running in the 2011 provincial election: People of the Athabasca constituency need more than the present two parties to represent them. The North needs to have a Green Party voice.
Biggest issue for my constituency: I believe it is the importation and transportation and proposed storage of nuclear wastes in the North.
Things I would like to say the other party candidates: Regardless of who gets elected in whichever constituency, everyone should work together to get things done. The money that is spent paying people to argue could be better spent on things like roads.

Bobby Woods

Bobby Woods, Sask Party

Full name: Bobby Woods
Date of birth: June 7, 1954
Birthplace: Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan
Spouse: Doris (Byhette) Woods
Children: Shaliya Campbell-Woods; Lance (Roberta) Byhette; Allison (Brent) Janvier; Jonathan Woods and 12 grandchildren
Residence: Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan
Profession: Corrections Officer (Retired)
Current Occupation: Mayor Northern Village of Buffalo Narrows
Formal Education: Community Justice Worker University Program; Human Resource Programs
Boards/Committees served: KYRHA Board Member; Buffalo Narrows Economic Development Chairman; BN CIBN Board; BN Metis Local Board Member; MN-S CWCL Area Director; BN Friendship Centre Board Member; BN Recreation Board member; Northern Regional Sport Culture & Recreation District Board Member; New North executive board member; EQC board member; SUMA northern board representative; NRSTA Fund; SAHO Health district representative
Hobbies: Golfing; Camping and Old Tyme square dancing; Visiting family and friends; Participating at northern cultural/traditional gatherings
Why I chose to be in the Sask Party: Inspired by Sask Party team and leadership and their guiding principles
Main reason for running in the 2011 provincial election: Care for the development and growth of our Northern peoples, families and communities
Biggest issue for my constituency: Highways
Things I would like to say the other party candidates: I would let the other candidates know that our Saskatchewan Party Athabasca Campaign Team and supporters are extremely confident and working hard to earn and win this election.


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