New Sears store set to open in Meadow Lake

Sears shoppers in Meadow Lake and area will once again have a storefront and pick-up location as Christmas approaches..

By Rhonda Cooper

Sears shoppers in Meadow Lake and area will once again have a store and parcel pick-up location within the next couple of weeks.

Garry Stabbler who has spent 35 years in retail, is renovating the interior of the former TPEC building located downtown at the corner of Centre Street and Highway 55 to make it the new home of Sears Meadow Lake. The city has been without a storefront store since Sept. 15.

“There will be 2,200 square feet of retail space,” said Stabbler. “We will offer a full line of major appliances, televisions and electronics with a catalogue counter.”

New paint on the ceiling and walls and new flooring will be installed before the store opens to the public.

Stabbler, who has previously lived in Meadow Lake, investigated the opportunity to open the store here back in October. He located the area’s representative Rob Haraga, had a phone and a face-to-face interview and learned the beginning of November he was approved.

The goal is to have the doors open for catalogue sales by month-end with the store merchandise in stock the following week.

Meadow Lake shoppers, like Millie Morin, are pleased to hear of the store’s reopening.

“I order clothes and I Christmas shop from the catalogue. There was a lot of stuff you could get through Sears that you couldn’t get elsewhere,” she said.

“It’s good to hear it is re-opening,” Morin continued. “Someone asked us last week if we had heard anything about Sears and we hadn’t.”


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