Teen parent funding realigned

By Rhonda Cooper

Users of the teen parent program at the North West Friendship Centre will no longer have a separate program of their own. As of Dec. 1, the program will no longer be offered in its present form.

“They have discontinued a lot of programs,” said executive director Gladys Joseph. “They started in the south and made their way here.”

Amongst other things the program offered services such as counselling, budgetting and help with paper work for those teen parents who wished to return to school.

“The funding is being put where it’s needed more,” said Joseph.

“It’s going into the Family Support Program so while it was a shock to learn of the discontinuation it wasn’t as bad because they are adding a position in the Family Support Program. Gwen King, who worked with the teen parent program, will have the opportunity to move into the new position,” she said.

There are other programs available for the teen parent clients such as the Family Support Program, KidSport and the Door of Hope, said Joseph.

“The teen parent program was being under-utilized,” said Wayne Phaneuf, the executive director of community services, child and family services of the Saskatchewan Social Services Ministry. “We worked directly with the organization and determined the money would be put into Family Services with the understanding help would still be given to teen parents.”

One Response to “Teen parent funding realigned”
  1. P. Scully says:

    While it’s sad to see the elimination of a program, it is heartening to see that resources are being put where they are needed most.

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