Government summer job applications sought

By Rhonda Cooper

Post-secondary students can get a jump on their hunt for a summer job next year as the government announced Dec. 1 it is accepting resumes and applications for public service positions beginning this month.

“We did some research and found students who have finished their first semester in December, often have more time to begin the job search,” said Colleen Hawkesford, spokesperson for June Draude, Minister responsible for the Public Service Commission.

The practice has been for the government to send out the call for student applications in February but in response to the research the timeline has been moved forward. According to Hawkesford, it may be moved again in the new year to September.

Hawkesford noted it will take the pressure off students to find a job with the majority of their positions beginning the first week of May.

“If they are accepting applications earlier, I will certainly apply earlier,” said U of S student Brooke Dallyn who worked last summer at Meadow Lake Provincial Park. She learned of her placement in mid-April, before her start date in mid-May.

For Conrad Read, District Operations Manager for the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure in Meadow Lake, the new timeline will not have a large impact on him.

“It is good they are getting the awareness out early,” he said. “Students must apply on-line as we draw from the summer student program.”

Read explained he typically begins making his selections for available positions in his area during the last week of March and anticipates that will not change for him.

“For example if I have a couple of positions available in Goodsoil, I will request 10 applications which I will go through and find suitable candidates,” Read said.

He can request former students who have previous employment with his department.

“I have had some students for all four years of their schooling,” he noted. “I often hire back about 40 per cent.”

Read said this is desirable as returning students are already trained and for him that is a positive factor especially when it comes to the safety aspect of the positions.

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