New dog bylaw for Green Lake

By Mac Christie

The Northern Village of Green Lake recently passed a bylaw, restricting the ownership of certain breeds of dogs within the community.

The bylaw would prevent anyone from owning a Rottweiler, pit bull or Doberman in the future, while requiring anyone who already owns one of the dogs to license and spay or neuter the animal.

Village Coun. Howard Sinclair said the bylaw was passed because the community has a problem with packs of dogs running loose, particularly those breeds.

“There were too many dogs running around,” he said. “A lot of the dogs were those breeds, especially Rottweilers.”

Sinclair noted the dogs were a safety issue.

“Some of them were pretty mean and some of them were hanging around the school.”

The bylaw was passed in October and is now in effect.

One Response to “New dog bylaw for Green Lake”
  1. Ralph David says:

    Responsible pet ownership (people) stops animals from becoming a safety issue. By-laws against certain breeds is archaic. But good for Green Lake for at least making this tiny effort to promote spay and neuter. Over-population of animals (again, an issue caused by irresponsible people) is something all municipalities should be strictly preventing.

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