New administrator hired

By Rhonda Cooper
The R.M. of Meadow Lake No. 588 is once again officially fully staffed when at the regular Dec. 12 meeting Claire Elliott was formally hired as the new administrator.

Elliott who has been the acting administrator since April was one of two applicants interviewed.

“It’s getting harder to find administrators,” said Reeve John Lawson. “According to the word out there, there are getting to be fewer and fewer of them. It’s going to be quite the situation for a number of RMs in the province as many administrators are nearing retirement age, and the numbers just aren’t there to replace them.”

Clare Elliott was officially hired Dec. 12 as the RM administrator. She had been the acting administrator since April.

Elliott’s credentials include her Class C in both rural and urban certification and certificate in local government. Her pervious work experience includes time with the RMs of Loon Lake and Meadow Lake and the City of Meadow Lake as HR and Accounting manager/city treasurer/assessor.

“It’s a great job,” said Elliott. “I like this kind of stuff – planning for the future and seeing where it can go. There’s a lot to learn and I like learning.”

Elliott is also enrolled in an online Certified General Accountant course. While not a requirement for the position, she believes it is something that will be an asset for the work that is done at the office.

Lawson is pleased to have the administrator’s position filled as it will provide a stable working environment for council and allow it to continue to move forward with a number of items such as policy development and emergency planning that have taken a back seat to more pressing issues such as the Matchee-Neeb road agreement and the Neeb culvert project at Alcott Creek.

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