Four years for manslaughter

By Terry Villeneuve

On Jan. 6 Kyle Todd Villeneuve, 25, learned that he will spend the next 44 months behind bars as a result of his actions that caused the death of Joey Robert Merasty in September of 2008.

At the sentencing hearing at court in North Battleford, Merasty’s twin sister, Joanne, said the family can now move on.

“It’s finally over,” she said of the three-and-a-half year wait. “Joey’s kids, his older sister and one of his nephews were all at the courthouse to hear the verdict.”

Villeneuve pled guilty to the original charge of manslaughter and had been on court release since September 24th of 2008.

“He was sentenced to 48 months, but was given 38 days credit for remand time and he was given a further 90 days credit for the period of time that he spent in court release condition,” said Scott Bartlett, the Acting Regional Crown Prosecutor for the Meadow Lake office. “And I gather part of the judge’s reasoning in that was because in that period of time, Villeneuve was not able to live in the community.” Also as part of the sentence was a 10-year firearms prohibition order and an order for a DNA sample for the DNA databank.

Merasty died following an early morning altercation with Villeneuve outside Darby O’Rourke’s bar at 1:30 a.m. in Meadow Lake on Sept. 6, 2008.


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