Meadow Lake’s new bylaw officer on the job

By Rhonda Cooper

The City of Meadow Lake’s new bylaw officer began his tenure Jan. 3, but Warren Young’s job may undergo a change following his six-month probationary period.

According to city manager Bruno Kossmann, the city is looking at applying to the Ministry of Justice for the reinstatement of the special constable position.

“The city must pass a resolution and then a request must be sent to the ministry and we have no control over how long the ministry will take to make its decision,” Kossmann said.

Young became interested in a law enforcement career around the age of 12.

“I saw cop cars downtown where I lived and I wanted to give something back to the community,” he said.

For two years, through the company he worked for in Edmonton, Young received basic training in areas such as handcuffing individuals and knife defense. He worked downtown security in the heart of the Alberta capital.

Young viewed the bylaw officer position in Meadow Lake as an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience in the enforcement field. Although he had driven through Meadow Lake, he had not done extensive research on the community before applying. Interested in the outdoor activities of hunting, fishing and hiking to name just a few, Young sees himself visiting the provincial park on a regular basis.

“So far it’s been a positive experience. The people have been friendly,” he said.

Young is jumping into Meadow Lake life with both feet as he has already applied to become a volunteer firefighter and has been approached to become part of the Citizens on Patrol program. He plans on taking the building inspector course and although he has a year to complete it, he expects to finish in a more compressed timeline. He is also interested in taking the radar training course. The radar training course will be an asset should the city be approved to once again have a special constable on staff.

Kossmann noted Young will be responsible for enforcing the city’s bylaws such as animal control, parking violations and licensing and nuisance bylaws. Should the special constable status be received, Young would then be able to enforce traffic laws, including the use of radar within the city.


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