City removes parking posts

Meadow Lake Public Works employee Robert Lavallee works away at removing one of the parking meter posts on Centre Street in Meadow Lake Feb. 8. Despite their removal, city officials say there will still be a two-hour time limit for parking in the downtown core.

by Rhonda Cooper

The two-hour parking limit still applies.

That’s the message Meadow Lake city manager Bruno Kossmann wants to stress following his recent decision to have city workers remove the parking posts situated along Centre Street as well as nearby side streets. The posts, which included two-hour parking tags, were removed Feb. 7 and 8.

“Patrolling is still going to happen,” Kossmann explained. “It may not occur in the fashion we used to employ, but checks will continue.”

Kossmann went on to state there were a number of reasons behind his decision to remove the posts.

“It will be much easier for snow removal,” he said. “Instead of making a single pass down the sidewalk, the employee can now make two, clearing the path.”

Businesses will still be responsible for the ice in front of their individual storefronts.

The removal of the posts comes more than five years after the removal of downtown parking meters, a trend supported by the shop owners of the day in an effort to attract more customers. Councillor
Elaine Yaychuk was not a member of council at that time, but doesn’t believe the removal of parking posts is a matter that necessarily should have come across the council table.

“I’m not entirely sure why it didn’t come to council before it happened and I think I would have preferred if it did, but the city manager is in charge of this (decision),” she said. “Sometimes these
sort of things do (come to council) and sometimes they don’t – it all depends on what it is.”

As for whether or not the removal of the posts could prove to be detrimental for drivers, Kossmann remains confident no problems will arise.

“I think it looks cleaner and, for those who worry about helter skelter parking, I think they should give the driving public a little bit of credit,” Kossmann continued. “Other communities have angled parking with no posts and it is not an issue. People drive down the street and when they see a hole they fill it. They don’t look for posts to park by, they see if they can fit the space and pull in.”
Kossmann added, with cleaner sidewalks in the winter, parking lines will be more visible and provide a guide.

Yaychuk echoed these sentiments, stating the lack of posts shouldn’t make too much of a difference.

“For some people it may be difficult, but I don’t think it’s going to be that bad,” she said. “We will have to wait and see.”

Geoff Burton, store manager at Madill’s Drugs, noted everyone is still angle parking and it’s not causing any issues.

Meanwhile, Jayce Siklenka of Meadow Mouse Flowers ‘n Things has her own concerns with regard to parking.

“Because of the clinic, parking is always the same around here,” she said. “It’s always full.”

With files from Phil Ambroziak

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