Meadow Lake city council considers door-to-door recycling

by Phil Ambroziak

Meadow Lake City Council has decided to recycle one of the items discussed at its Feb. 13 meeting.

In a letter dated Jan. 30, Terry Lamon of Lamon Disposal Inc. requested an opportunity to meet with local legislators in an effort to introduce curbside recycling service in Meadow Lake.

“Our firm is enquiring to the City of Meadow Lake to see if there is any interest in implementing a single stream, door-to-door recycling program,” Lamon wrote. “There is now a facility in Saskatoon that can process this product and separate all the recyclables. We would have to bale the product and ship it to Saskatoon.”

Lamon went on to state common practice would see 90-gallon carts for recycling placed at every home. Pickups would be every second week.

Gerald Brisson of Lamon Disposal Inc. was busy stacking cardboard bails at the company’s Industrial Crescent location last Thursday, Feb. 16. During the Feb. 13 city council meeting, local legislators agreed to allow the recycling company’s owner Terry Lamon to make a presentation at an upcoming meeting with regard to door-to-door recycling service.

“If there is any interest and you would like to discuss in more detail as to how this system operates, we would be pleased to meet with the city at your convenience,” Lamon’s letter concluded.

The letter prompted council to briefly discuss the pros and cons that could potentially accompany such service.

“I recommend putting this on a separate ballot in the fall election to see if people are interested in curbside recycling – this is something we can’t decide right now,” remarked Councillor Jeff Fechter.

Mayor Gary Vidal quickly reminded Fechter that Lamon wasn’t looking for a decision, only an opportunity to make a presentation to council. He also said, during the recent Saskatchewan urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) conference, recycling was a high priority for a lot of cities.

“It’s important we listen to him (Lamon) because we have to start doing more (in terms of recycling),” added Councillor Annette Klassen. “The sooner we hear what our options are, the better.”
Council ultimately decided to allow Lamon to make a presentation in favour of his proposal at a future city council meeting, deferring any further discussion on the matter until that time.

“We need to remind people in this city that we already do have recycling, it’s just not as visual as it is in some other places,” Fechter stated. “There would also likely be a significant increase in cost for door-to-door service.”

Vidal wondered if the city could circulate some sort of communication to remind the public of its current recycling service.

Currently, residents can drop off certain recyclables at Lamon Disposal Inc. on Industrial Crescent, Northwest Regional Waste Management Authority Inc. at Rapid View and Sarcan located on 3rd Avenue East.


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