City hires interim manager

by Phil Ambroziak

Meadow Lake city hall has welcomed back a familiar face. Former Meadow Lake town administrator Richard Levesque has been hired as the interim city manager following the recent resignation of Bruno Kossmann.

Levesque, who retired from his previous role in 2009, will remain onboard until city council is able to find a permanent candidate for the job.

“I was asked to fill the position on an interim basis,” Levesque said. “It was sort of a mutual approach – I told them I was available and they considered negotiating a deal with me.

“My goal is simply to stabilize the situation that has arisen since Bruno left and ensure there is some semblance of control. I also look forward to helping solve any problems or issues council asks me to look into.”

Councillor Toby Esterby is looking forward to the knowledge and expertise he believes Levesque will bring to city hall.

“We needed someone who could step in and hit the ground running,” Esterby said. “Richard is someone who knows what to do and we’ve already given him a list of priorities that need to be addressed.”

Esterby went on to state Levesque’s hiring allows city council to look for a permanent city manager without being forced to make a hasty decision.

“We didn’t want to rush into any decision regarding a long-term solution,” he said.

A member of council during the tail end of Levesque’s career, Esterby reiterated how much knowledge the interim manager has when it comes to municipal politics.

“We have a very busy spring and summer ahead of us,” said Esterby. “It’s going to be very exciting, but we wouldn’t be able to do it without having someone in this role who can jump in with both feet. Richard has the ability to do that.”

Levesque was hired Feb. 17, just days after Kossmann’s unexpected resignation Feb. 13.

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