Telemiracle sets provincial record

by Rhonda Cooper

Telemiracle 36 hit a new high of $5.9 million this past weekend, while in Meadow Lake the local total of $43,405 was slightly down from previous years.

In Meadow Lake the Kinsmen and Kinettes staged their own mini-Telemiracle March 3-4, taking over the Civic Centre staging a live show of talent and talk over CJNS radio’s air waves.

“The biggest and most wonderful part of the entire weekend were all the new members,” said Toby Esterby, Kinsmen chair of the event. “It shows how strong our clubs are and what we are doing in the community.”

The Civic Centre was packed during the Sunday noon hour which Esterby said was a good indication of the support received over the weekend.

“This year we were continually posting to our website and FaceBook and we liaised with Telemiracle in Regina,” he said.
Social media is new to the Meadow Lake event, but it is something the club plans to move forward with both for Telemiracle and for new member recruitment.

“The donations would have come in with or without social media,” Esterby said.

Esterby commented that the majority of the donations received at the Meadow Lake Telemiracle comes from the grassroots of the community.

“Ours come five or 10 dollars at a time,” he said. “We even get penny rolls. People come through every year to support the event. We couldn’t do it without the residents of Meadow Lake and surrounding area. They deserve a huge round of applause.”

Last year the Meadow Lake Kinette club had only seven members. Their ranks have swelled to 26 and the women were out in full force.

“It is awesome,” said Kinette president Andrea Lehoux. “We had so much help this year. Everyone donated their time. One of our members who has a newborn was here Friday night helping to make chili. It is great fun. Once you start working behind the scenes you don’t want to leave because you’re afraid you’ll miss something.

“Everyone knows what Telemiracle is, so the community comes to us with items,” said Lehoux. Throughout the 20 hours, a variety of items were on display with a dedicated telephone line for visitors to place their  bids. At the end of day successful bidders, who walked away with their prizes, are just a small portion of the people who win by getting involved with or supporting Telemiracle.


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