Students wear pink to promote anti-bullying

Students from Jonas Samson Junior High School proudly dressed in pink April 5 to show their support for anti-bullying initiatives. Pink Shirt Day was a province-wide endeavour promoted amongst schools throughout Saskatchewan.

by Phil Ambroziak

Jonas Samson Junior High School students have shown they have no time for bullies.

The week of March 30-April 5 was recently proclaimed as Pink Revolution Anti-bullying Week and the Ministry of Education demonstrated its support for anti-discrimination efforts with a focus on special events and initiatives.

Among these activities was Pink Shirt Day, co-ordinated through the Canadian Red Cross, in which students showed their support for anti-bullying efforts by wearing pink shirts. JSJH held its Pink Shirt Day April 5.

“All schools throughout the province are trying to promote the importance of respecting each other and understanding that we’re all different,” explained JSJH principal Jim Snodgrass. “When we do something that is disrespectful, we hurt other people’s feelings.”

Pink Shirt Day is just another initiative supported by the ministry and by the Government of Saskatchewan.

“By taking part in this initiative, we’re indicating that we understand bullying is wrong and we want to do something about it,” Snodgrass continued.

The Ministry of Education has supported anti-bullying efforts by working with education partners to develop a provincial anti-bullying strategy, encouraging school divisions to work with community organizations, and by providing financial assistance to programs like the Kids Help Phone to ensure youth across Saskatchewan have access to professional counselling services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Snodgrass believes this message has clearly hit home for JSJH students, but admits negative behaviour will likely never be entirely eliminated.

“It’s tough because at this age group students are always dealing with changing emotions and changing hormones,” he said. “The students are very aware these days, but whether they choose to act on what they’ve learned, I don’t know. The more we promote anti-bullying through days like this or by posters in the hallways, it gets the message out there.”

Sarah Cubbon is one of many JSJH students who wore pink last week to lend her support to the anti-bullying cause.

“I wore pink today because I used to be bullied when I was little. It really had an effect on me,” Cubbon said. “A lot of my friends used to be bullied too. Wearing pink today shows how much people really do care.”

Fellow student Taylor Fea wore pink for similar reasons.

“I dressed in pink because, even though I’ve never been bullied, all three of my siblings have been,” Fea noted. “I’ve also had friends who were bullied and I’ve seen them break down in tears because of it.”


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