City of Meadow Lake pleads guilty to OH&S charge

by Phil Ambroziak

Rules were made to be followed.

This is a lesson the provincial government is hoping the City of Meadow Lake has learned following the municipality’s recent decision to plead guilty to charges arising from a failure to adhere to the province’s Occupational Health and Safety Act.

According to David Milo, an occupational health officer with the Government of Saskatchewan, there was reasonable grounds to believe that, on Sept. 22, 2010, the city failed to ensure workers Mike Sonntag and Paul Anderson were properly protected from potential cave-ins or sliding material while working to complete a sewer and water project on 2nd Street West.

With regard to the same project, the city was also charged with failing to ensure all work at a place of employment was sufficiently and competently supervised as required by Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

Lawyer Brenda Gregor – who appeared in Meadow Lake provincial court on the city’s behalf June 4 – said, now that the guilty plea has been submitted, all that remains is to wait and see what the consequences will be.

“The prosecutor for Occupational Health and Safety is in Regina and was unable to come here today,” Gregor explained. “That’s why sentencing in this matter has been adjourned.”

Sentencing is now scheduled for July 30 in Meadow Lake.


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