Meadow Lake RCMP warn against taking matters into own hands

by Sabine Gibbins

Police are cautioning residents to be careful about taking matters into their own hands.

Although a rash of thefts has taken place over the course of the past two weeks, Meadow Lake RCMP Staff Sgt. Tim Korman says it’s not unusual, adding crime has not been on the rise in comparison to this time last year.

“I was actually just doing the mayor’s report for council (this past Monday), and crime has actually gone down since this time last year,” he said.

However, some residents, like Val Bell, say this does not seem to be the case. On Saturday, her nephew’s dog Tora was found tied up on a farm about 10 miles outside of Meadow Lake, one of her legs injured. The owners of the farm were not home at that time.

“I think crime has definitely increased,” Bell said. “That one week, there were four dogs stolen. They (thieves) have been going through vehicles and everything. It’s pathetic what they are doing.”

Tora, a pitbull, was stolen from her home a week ago. Bell posted a photo to a Meadow Lake Facebook group concerning lost or stolen items. According to the website, members have been taking matters into their own hands and even confronting individuals who are trying to steal expensive possessions such as bicycles.

But, Korman advises against using social media as a way of asking the community to be on the alert for stolen items. He added, even if the suspects come clean about stealing something of value, it could involve money being offered for its return.

“You have to be very careful about using social media in that way,” he said. “It could come to having to pay for its return – where the suspects could demand money if the owner wants it back. We ask all residents to please report stolen items right away to the police to avoid this. We should be the first ones they call to report it, if it’s a criminal matter.”


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