Stanley Cup comes to Meadow Lake in August


Members of the Meadow Lake Mosquito baseball team were thrilled with the opportunity to meet NHL hockey star Dwight King (right) Friday during the opening ceremonies of the Mosquito A Provincials held at Lions Park in Meadow Lake. Shaking hands with King is Kyle Morin while Ty Edwards (left) and Jake Willick (right) look on.

by Sabine Gibbins

Hockey fans in and around Meadow Lake will once again have the opportunity to be up close and personal to the National Hockey League’s coveted trophy.

The Stanley Cup is due to arrive at the Meadow Lake and District Arena Wednesday, Aug. 15 – along with hometown hockey hero Dwight King.

The power forward of the Los Angeles Kings helped his team clinch their first Stanley Cup victory in franchise history when they defeated the New Jersey Devils in June.

This will be the Stanley Cup’s second visit to Meadow Lake. Its first was in 2003 when Jeff Friesen of the Devils brought the Cup home.
But, for Meadow Lake’s current hockey son, King said he is especially excited to be able to share the game’s most prized possession with fans, friends, family and community-minded individuals.

“It will be great to have it at the rink and to share with the community,” he said.

The past few months following the L.A. Kings’ victory has been fast and furious, King added.

Upon returning home almost immediately after the Cup win, King has been finding some much needed rest and relaxation, as well as gearing up for his family’s hockey camp, which is set to take place in early August.

For the time being, however, King is just happy to be back home in Meadow Lake after a whirlwind playoff experience.

“Everything has been coming around pretty quick,” he said. “It’s been nice to be home and to get away from it all.”

King personally has reason to celebrate, as it was announced last week the 23-year-old will be enjoying the next two years as a forward with L.A.

“It’s nice to have that done so early in the summer,” he said of the recent signing. “I’m looking forward to two more years with the team.”

King said, as an athlete, the beginning of a new season means finding ways to improve as a player.

“For sure, as a player, you always like to improve and set goals for yourself,” he stated. “It’s nice to be able to go away after playing a season for about nine months, and having the chance to refocus yourself.”

The public is invited to come to the arena between 12 noon and 2:30 p.m. Aug. 15.


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