Meadow Lake community groups join forces to raise funds

by Phil Ambroziak

Many hands make light work.

Members of various community groups throughout Meadow Lake hope this age-old saying holds true as they prepare to join forces in an effort to procure much-needed funds to help maintain and enhance the various services they offer.

Earlier this year, Meadow Lake Early Childhood Services, People Advocating for Children with Exceptionalities (PACE), Multiworks and other community members banded together to form the joint fundraising group known as Breaking Barriers Families Face. The group’s ultimate goal is to organize fundraising initiatives, divide the profits and put the money toward their respective endeavours.

“A member of the Early Childhood Services board of directors, originally had the idea of holding a fundraiser involving different groups throughout the community,” explained Amber Stang, a fellow ECS board member. “We started contacting different groups to see if they would be interested, and the whole idea was very well received.”

According to Andrea Lavallee, who became involved with the group in an effort to raise funds for accessible playground equipment at Jubilee Elementary School, there is a need to remedy a lack of available funding.

“We figured, instead of each group trying to do its own, individual fundraising, we would join forces and go out into the community together and show the community our sense of camaraderie,” Lavallee said.

“The unity we have,” Stang added.

Lavallee’s son, Max, uses a power chair. His mother said it is up to her to raise the close to $100,000 it would cost to purchase and install accessible playground equipment at the youngster’s school.

“I was told by the Northwest School Division that it would be my responsibility, or the responsibility of my family,” she said. “I’m already struggling to make my home entirely accessible – this adds even more pressure. Joining a group like this (Breaking Barriers) allows me to be part of a bigger puzzle and not have to bear the burden alone – there’s definitely strength in numbers.”

The group’s first fundraiser, a community golf tournament, is scheduled for Sept. 7 at the Meadow Lake Golf Club. The event will also feature a supper and silent auction.

Other proposed fundraising ideas include a rib cook-off, road hockey tournament and more.


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