Northwest election candidates announced

by Phil Ambroziak

With few exceptions, there’s no shortage of municipal candidates for communities located in Saskatchewan’s northwest.

Following the Sept. 19 nomination deadline, numerous names – both familiar and new – have been added to the list of official candidates for the Oct. 24 municipal Election Day. While some communities implemented a new policy restricting nominees who possess a criminal record, municipal officials don’t believe this new criteria had a large impact on the number of candidates.

“It (number of candidates) is about the same as it’s been in past election years,” explained Diane McCallum, returning officer for the Northern Village of Ile-a-la Crosse. “I haven’t noticed much of a difference.”

Ile-a-la Crosse

Of the northern communities, Ile-a-la Crosse has one of the largest number of registered candidates with 27 people vying for six alderman positions. Candidates include incumbents Vincent Ahenakew, Dorothy Dubrule, Jim Durocher, Peter Durocher, Myra Malboeuf and Beverly McLean, as well as Andrew Bouvier, Glen Bouvier, William Caisse, David Corrigal, Edna Daigneault, Yvonne Daigneault, Vawn Desjarlais, Liz Durocher, Donny Favel, Barbara Flett, Calla Gordon, Leo Gardiner, Boone Laliberte, Noel McLean, Marlene Misponas, Barbara Morin, Harold Morin, Tavio Morin, Carmen Raymond, Brandon Roy and Gerald Roy.

Meanwhile, incumbent mayor Duane Favel will be challenged by Vye Bouvier.

Turnor Lake
In the Northern Hamlet of Turnor Lake, mayor Marius Montgrand has decided not to seek re-election. Instead, the mayoralty will be contested by John Montgrand and Jeanine Daigneault.

As for the four alderman positions, current council members Lillian Montgrand and Rolanda Morin will not be returning. Five candidates, including incumbents Barb Daigneault and Paul Montgrand, as well as Darlene Favier, Tanya Montgrand and Steven Montgrand will all appear on the ballot.

“A few more candidates tried to get a (criminal) record check done, but could not because they did not have the proper ID,” said Turnor Lake returning officer Doreen Morin.


In the Northern Village of Beauval, candidates for mayor include incumbent Fred Roy, along with Elaine Malbeuf and Max Morin. The four alderman positions will be contested by incumbent Terry Hansen, as well as Marlene Daigneault, Nick Daigneault, Ruth Gardiner, Melvin Roy, Wayne Laliberte, Jamie Laliberte and Gail Gardiner.

Jans Bay

In the Northern Hamlet of Jans Bay, voters will choose either incumbent Tony Maurice or Patsy Laliberte for mayor while those seeking alderman roles include incumbents Richard Bouvier and Frank Yew. Other candidates include Nathan Opikokew, Tracey Corrigal, Anne Bouvier, Ashley Maurice, Joanne Chartier, Andrew Lariviere and Joseph Lariviere.

Michel Village

The Northern Hamlet of Michel Village will see mayor Cliff Coombs seek re-election, but he will be challenged by Brent Janvier.

The four alderman spots will be up for grabs between incumbents Cynthia Billette and Grayson Janvier, as well as Ernest Sylvestre, Eva Sylvestre and Leonard Sylvestre.

Cole Bay

Harold Aubichon is looking to hold on to his job as mayor of the Northern Hamlet of Cole Bay. His only opponent is Elfreda Desjarlais.

Seeking to fill the four alderman posts are incumbents Alex Bouvier, Fernand Bouvier and Shirley Couillonneur. They are joined by Anne Bouvier, Kevin Bouvier, Philip Cardinal, RoseAnn Daigneault, Fred Iron and Graydon Taylor.


In the Northern Hamlet of Patuanak, mayor Hazel Maurice is being challenged by Mary Aubichon and Margaret Aubichon. Meanwhile, the two alderman positions will go to either incumbent Paul Lariviere or Leona Aubichon, Dora Lariviere or Margaret Lariviere.

Buffalo Narrows

Bobby Woods wants another term as mayor of the Northern Village of Buffalo Narrows. He has some competition, however, in fellow candidates Ricky McKay and current aldermen Blair Morin and Estelle Laliberte.

Fifteen candidates have come forward to vie for the six available alderman positions. They include incumbents Brenda Chartier, Jackie Durocher, Gerald Tinker and Jimmy Woods. Other candidates include Melanie Aubichon, Alvin Chartier, Isidore Desjarlais, Rod Fisher, Eric Hartley, Gary LaPrise, Donald Morin, Dennis Shatilla, Joey Thompson, John Waite and Larry Young.

Green Lake

In the Northern Village of Green Lake, incumbent mayor Fred McCallum will be challenged by Dale Hounsell, Jeff McKay and Kelvin Roy. The four alderman positions will be contested by incumbents Jackie Kennedy, Art Laliberte, Francis Laliberte and Howard Sinclair, as well as A. Eugene Aubichon, Alice Laliberte, Jim Laliberte, Phane Ray, Ric Richardson and Catherine Sinclair.

St. George’s Hill

In the Northern Hamlet of St. George’s Hill, mayor Donna Janvier has been acclaimed while incumbent Jolene Desjarlais, along with Etienne Desjarlais, Kimberly Cummings, Holly Janvier, Keith Sylvestre and Doris Janvier will contest the four available alderman spots.


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