New mayors in Buffalo Narrows and Green Lake

by Terry Villeneuve

It was a shakeup of sorts in the North last week when two prominent mayors were unseated from their posts.

Bobby Woods is no longer mayor of Buffalo Narrows and Green Lake’s Fred McCallum is also on the outside looking in following the Oct. 24 municipal elections.

Estelle Laliberte, who had been a councillor for four consecutive terms – 12 years, was the clear winner in Buffalo Narrows as she topped the field with 238 votes. Woods had 145, Blair Morin had 142 and Ricky McKay 21.

It was Laliberte’s first attempt at the mayor’s chair.

“Lots of people encouraged me to run,” said Laliberte. “I sensed the majority of the community wasn’t happy with the current mayor. During the campaign, people were telling me that Bobby has neglected our community – that he ignored our community. That he’s on too many committees and other boards, including government-appointed ones. I think that’s what hurt him, he was gone a lot.”

Besides doing a lot of door knocking, Laliberte felt a live debate on the local radio station was the difference.

“I think that’s what gained me a lot of support,” she said. “Now, what we have to do as a council is come up with a strategic plan. There’s lots of needs and issues, and we can’t do it all. We need to prioritize what we want to get done in the next four years,” she said. “We also need to rebuild the connectivity in the community, improve communications and accountability… basically get the whole community working together.”

Laliberte works as an adult probation officer in Buffalo Narrows and prior to that she was the executive director of the local Friendship Centre.

The six councillors voted in include incumbents Brenda Chartier, Gerald Tinker and Jackie Durocher, as well as newcomers Larry Young, John Waite and Isidore Desjarlais.

“Isidore and John have previous council experience and Larry Young is brand new,” added Laliberte. “We’ll have a strong council, so it should move things along pretty good.”

Buffalo Narrows
(551 voters)
Estelle Laliberte       238
Bobby Woods        145
Blair Morin        142
Ricky McKay        21

Brenda Chartier         223
Larry Young        213
Gerald Tinker         210
John Waite         207
Jackie Durocher       200
Isidore Desjarlais         168
Gary Laprise        166
Melanie Aubichon    164
Eric Hartley        154
Jimmy Woods        142
Dennis Shatilla        130
Donald Morin        120
Joey Thompson        117
Rod Fisher        100
Alvin Chartier         92

In Green Lake, Kelvin Roy is now at the helm as he outdistanced the other three mayoral candidates Oct. 24. Local residents selected Roy with 83 votes to Jeff McKay’s 78, McCallum’s 43 and Dale Hounsell’s 11.

On council, two incumbents – Francis Laliberte and Jackie Kennedy – were brought back in while the pair of newcomers include Jim Laliberte and Phane Ray.

Green Lake
(216 voters)
Kelvin Roy         84
Jeff McKay         78
Fred McCallum         43
Dale Hounsell        11

Francis Laliberte         137
Jim Laliberte         113
Jackie Kennedy         102
Phane Ray         98
Howard Sinclair        84
Art M Laliberte        69
Catherine Sinclair        63
Eugene Aubichon        63
Richard Richardson    57
Alice Laliberte        47


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