New businesses for Meadow Lake

by Phil Ambroziak

Meadow Lake city council’s desire to attract more business to the community is something Yvonne Von Grad hopes holds true when it comes to her efforts to develop a new convenience store in the city’s west end.

During its Nov. 26 meeting, council discussed a discretionary use application submitted by Jer Von Holdings Ltd., a company owned and operated by Von Grad and her husband, Jerry Solyma. If fully approved, plans would ultimately lead to the redevelopment of 617 5th St. West (the former Calvary Temple church), as well as the development of empty lots at 613 and 615 St. West.

“We’d like to put a convenience store in there – a Subway c-store,” Von Grad explained. “It won’t be as big as the Subway restaurant we own now, but will serve the same sandwiches, as well as the other typical items you would find at a convenience store.”

Von Grad went on to say the decision to pursue the idea was reached a few months ago.

“I think there’s a demand for something in this part of the city, with the low-income housing nearby, the schools and even for the people in the Bridger Drive neighbourhood,” she said. “There is no convenience store really close by.”

Jer Von has owned the Subway restaurant on 9th Street West for 12 years. Pending full council approval, the new business would likely open this summer.

“We’re going to employ 20-25 people, maybe more depending on how things go,” Von Grad said. “New business is always good for the community. Again, it’s something we feel is needed in that area and, with our experience, we believe we have a good knowledge on how to make it work.”

Von Grad said council has been supportive thus far.

“Many of the councillors (during the recent municipal election) said they were interested in seeing new businesses come to the community,” she noted. “This is an opportunity for them to build on that. It wouldn’t make much sense if they were to oppose this.”

During the meeting, mayor Gary Vidal and interim city manager Richard Levesque reminded Von Grad about the need for discretionary use approval.

“We can’t accept the application at this time, we can only agree to advertise a public hearing in order to take this to the next step,” Levesque stated.
Pet day care

As the meeting progressed, another development permit application made its way across the council table. Andrea Cote is looking for discretionary use approval to develop a pet day care at 316 6th St. East.

“Much like the previous application, this one involves discretionary use and must follow a similar process,” Vidal said.

Councillor Curtis Paylor noted advertising for the necessary public hearing is at the applicant’s expense. He also wanted to know if the day care would be for small dogs only?

“I would not want to mix big dogs and small dogs – that could just cause problems,” Cote said.

Public hearings for both applications are scheduled for the Dec. 17 council meeting.

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