Summer Games committee realizes profit

by Phil Ambroziak

With the onslaught of winter experienced in recent weeks, last year’s Saskatchewan Summer Games may seem like ancient history to some people.

In reality, however, the Games and the legacy they continue to leave on the Meadow Lake community may never truly go away. While final numbers have yet to be announced, members of the Summer Games committee have indicated the provincial sporting event did achieve a financial surplus, funds that are expected to be divided amongst various sports associations throughout the community.

“We are going to have a profit,” remarked Trevor Gerwing, who served as director of sport during the Games. “The exact amount will be made public at some point, but we’re still excited to have a little money left. It will likely be donated to each of the sports represented at the Games while some of the money could also be used as seed funding for groups looking to hold similar events in the future.”
Roberta Patterson, who served as Games manager, said the surplus total should be known within the next few months.

“We’ve also applied, in conjunction with the city, for a grant (the Building Communities Grant) for additional funds, but we’re still waiting to hear back on that to know what our final numbers will be,” Patterson said. “We do have suggestions in place regarding a few projects we’d like to finish up or tweak, but we’d also like to support the various sports that were represented at the Games. What we can say right now is there definitely will be some money going back into the community, which we’re thrilled about.”

The Saskatchewan Summer Games, which were held July 29 to Aug. 5, in Meadow Lake saw thousands of young athletes from throughout the province descend on the community to compete in a variety of sports in an effort to prepare themselves for advanced levels of competition. Sports included baseball, soccer, triathlon, equestrian, track and field, kayaking, basketball, volleyball and more.

Gerwing said revenues from the Games were primarily gathered through donations, as well as concessions and other fees charged during the two-week event.

“The Games were a great success, both athletically and financially,” he said.

Patterson described the success of the Games as a chance to remember what a great community Meadow Lake is to call home.

“It was a great time for everyone and now that feeling will continue through these contributions,” she said.


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