Adamson brothers receive 4H award

by Phil Ambroziak

The name Adamson has been synonymous with District 36 4H for a long time, and now someone’s taken notice.

Brothers John, Terry and Dale Adamson, all Makwa area ranchers, will be the recipients of District 36 4H’s Citizen Award, an honour scheduled to be presented today (June 4) during the district show in Meadow Lake.

“The Citizen Award is presented to a group of people who’ve always been there for us,” explained District 36 vice-president Wanda Fedyk. “The Adamsons have been there as long as I can remember. Where their dad (Art) left off, they’ve stepped in and took over.”

Fedyk went on to say the Adamsons have kept the 4H program alive and vibrant.

“Even though they no longer have any kids involved in 4H, John is still there as district president while Terry and Dale are great ring men,” she noted. “Whenever we need anything, they are there for us.”

John Adamson said it’s important to him and his brothers to stay involved with the program any way they can. He also said they’re not in it to be recognized, although he is happy to receive the award.

“We never expected it – we’re pretty humble,” Adamson said.

The Adamson family has contributed to the local 4H initiative for more than 40 consecutive years, yet in that time John Adamson said little has changed from one year to the next.

“It hasn’t changed a lot over the years – it’s still a great program to get your kids into, as it gives them a sense of responsibility,” he said. “It’s also been proven that kids who are involved with 4H excel in school because it seems to mature them a little more.”
This year also marks the 100th anniversary of 4H in Saskatchewan while local clubs within District 36 include the Pierceland Beef Club, Meadow Lake Beef Club, Makwa Beef Club and the Goodsoil Canine Club. Each club held local shows yesterday (June 3) prior to districts. Various prizes are expected to be awarded before all is said and done, including awards for grand champion steer, showmanship, judging and more.

Meanwhile, District 36 is also recognizing other contributors to the program with special awards. Leighton Wood will receive the District 36 4H Parent Award and Jade Shkopich has earned the Member Award.

“The Parent Award is for a parent who stands out at the district level, someone who does a little extra,” Fedyk said. “In the last couple of years, some of our usual people left and Leighton really stepped up in so many ways. He’s done an awesome job and I’m glad he’s being recognized. Meanwhile, Jade is not only good with her animals, at showing and at judging, but she does so much more – she curls, she does public speaking, she’s just a bubbly girl so many of the kids look up to.”

This year’s Sponsor Award will go to the Meadow Lake Stampede Association.

“We try to recognize everybody, and the Stampede Association has really helped us out,” Fedyk said. “I hope, in reverse, our event has also helped them. They’re a good crew to have around.”

Fedyk concluded by stating 4H involves a lot of volunteer work and a lot of dedication from people to keep the program going.

“This (awards) is just a small token to say thank you – something a little extra to show people we appreciate what they do,” she said.

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