Normand swings his way to national tourney

by Derek Cornet

Having trained at the Meadow Lake Golf Club for seven years, a local teenager has earned his way to a national competition.

Coming in fifth place at Golf Saskatchewan’s Junior Provincial Championship in Moose Jaw July 8-10, 16-year-old Diehl Normand said he’s stoked about how well he performed at the tournament. His ranking qualifies him to compete in the Canadian Junior National Championships later this year.

“I was 12th after the second day and I was just looking to get into the top 10,” Normand said. “I jumped up eight spots though, which is really good.”

When he competed in the same tournament last year, Normand placed 25th out of more than 80 competitors. He said he has trained harder than usual throughout the past year and he is happy to see his efforts pay off.

“I played really well on the first day, but on the other two days I could have done a little bit better,” he said.

He also said adapting to the course was difficult because it’s different than the greens at the local club, but added a lot of the adjustment has to do with experience. The longer he plays, he saids, the easier the changes will come.

Meadow Lake Golf Club professional Tyler Brouilette has been mentoring Normand since arriving in the community last year. Normand said said the advice he’s been given has increased his skills as a golfer.

“He’s been helping me get my swing better and to just have a better attitude overall,” Normand said.

Throughout the past year, Brouilette said he has seen Normand’s golf abilities improve. He noted, however, the young golfer already had all the tools to be good, but lacked the confidence to go forward.

“He already has a good swing and I try to show him more of the mental side of golf,” Brouilette said. “In order to play tournament golf, you have to buckle down and not let yourself get in your own way.”

Normand’s father, Kevin Normand, walked behind his son at the tournament and said he was proud of his son’s achievement. He noted Normand’s extra training showed on the course and he’s becoming more confident and focused.

“When someone works hard at something, it’s nice to see those people get rewarded,” Kevin Normand said.
Normand wants to continue playing golf and some day become a professional. He said he hopes to get a scholarship to play with a university in the United States. But, for now, said he’s taking it one day at a time.

“I’ve pretty much been golfing here every day since I was nine years old,” Normand said. “I’m going to keep coming back and I will get better every time.”


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