Country singer receives Grammy nod

Alma Sibley, formerly of Meadow Lake, recently released a country music album.

Alma Sibley, formerly of Meadow Lake, recently released a country music album.

by Derek Cornet

After deciding to follow her dreams, a former Meadow Lake resident is rising to the top.

Alma Sibley, 61, always knew she had musical ability like no one else. After being discovered by a well-known Nashville country music producer on ReverbNation, a music sharing website for musicians, Sibley released her debut album titled My Spot Centre Stage in July. For more than a year, Sibley travelled between her home in Saskatoon and the recording studio in Nashville.

“They were looking for an artist to sing traditional country music,” Sibley said. “That music is fading away. There’s no one to bring it back, but I’m going to be that person.”

A month after Sibley’s album hit record stores worldwide, she was notified her album was being considered in three categories at the 2014 Grammy Awards in January. In order for Sibley to be nominated for a Grammy, she must receive the most votes by members of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.
“I was excited when I found out because I knew the music I was creating is good,” Sibley said.
At the age of 12, she began to take an interest in singing and, shortly afterward, her mother bought her an old pump organ from a local church. Even though her mother was deaf and her father didn’t play any instruments, Sibley taught herself to play the organ before teaching herself to play the guitar.
“I don’t really know how I learned it all,” Sibley said. “I just had a musical note in my head and it came natural to me.”
Music is no stranger in Sibley’s family. She recalled many memories of her uncles playing the violin and other relatives striking the strings of a guitar. Although she knew she had the family trait, Sibley didn’t think much of it and never pursued her pastime professionally – until now.

As for the future, Sibley has a bigger dream on the horizon.

“I want to get signed by a record label,” she said.

But, for now, Sibley plans on touring Saskatchewan and meeting people one-on-one. She’s also attempting to have her music broadcast on radio stations for the masses to hear.

Sibley’s daughter Tara Villeneuve of Meadow Lake said she’s not surprised by her mother’s success, stating she always knew Sibley had what it took to be successful.

“We are all so happy about her achievements and her recent nominations,” Villeneuve said. “For my mom, this is definitely a dream come true.”

2 Responses to “Country singer receives Grammy nod”
  1. Michelle says:

    Very proud to see this up and in the spotlight. Her music is amazing and truly country. Way to go ..

    • Eldon says:

      Congratulations Alma I hope you go far in your music we sure need a lot of that kind of music these days on the Radio.

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