CHS hands Delisle first regular season loss in four years

Grade 12 student and CHS Spartans player Braiden Dull relies on his teammates to keep Delisle Rebels players at bay during Meadow Lake’s home-opener Sept. 13.

Grade 12 student and CHS Spartans player Braiden Dull relies on his teammates to keep Delisle Rebels players at bay during Meadow Lake’s home-opener Sept. 13.

by Phil Ambroziak

Streaks were made to be broken.

The Delisle Rebels received their first regular season loss since 2009 when they were defeated 38-34 by the Carpenter High School Spartans in the Meadow Lake football team’s 2013 home-opener.

“It’s a good start to the year,” remarked Spartans head coach Craig Paylor. “We’ve been preparing for the last four weeks and it’s taken a long time to get this win.”

The game took place Sept. 13 at Lions Park and was highlighted by two touchdowns each for veteran player Kohl Eide and newcomer Aaron Varjassy. The latter, a Grade 11 student who until this year has represented CHS on the volleyball court, has only been on the field with the Spartans since training began last month.

“Aaron had a good game offensively,” Paylor said. “He also scored some touchdowns in our exhbition games earlier this season – he’s doing very well considering he’s only been with us for a short time. He’s a very good addition to our football club.”

Additional touchdowns were scored Friday by Blaik Esau and Chase Paylor.

Meanwhile, Delisle head coach Ken Byers said he was disappointed in his team’s loss, adding, however, Carpenter made the necessary plays and deserved the win.

“A big deciding factor was our team’s lack of discipline – we received 15 penalties in that game,” Byers said. “In the game of football, like in the game of life, if you show a lack of discipline or when you don’t make an effort to make a play, you’re not going to be successful.”

In spite of this, Byers said he is still proud of his team.

“They fought hard to the last whistle,” he noted. “This was the first regular season loss our current Grade 12 players ever experienced. It’s a bit of a letdown, but I believe you always learn more from a loss than you do from a win. It will be interesting to see how the team responds in the coming weeks.”

Byers has worked with the Delisle team since 2001 and has been head coach since 2006. He said he noticed a huge change in strategy on Friday when compared to how the CHS Spartans normally approach a game.

“The big difference in this version of the Meadow Lake Spartans is their ability to pass the ball successfully,” he said. “Traditionally, the Spartans have been a big, physical team that could run the ball down our throats. This year, their starting quarterback Chase Paylor and their receiver Kohl Eide have really presented a strong passing attack, which is something quite different than in previous years.”

Byers went on to say, overall, the team appears more prepared and a lot stronger from the start instead of just growing stronger as the season progresses.

“That’s a compliment to the players and to the coaching staff,” he added. “We’re glad to have such a great team to play against.”

Next up for the Spartans is an away game this Friday (Sept. 20) against the Kindersley Kobras.

“To prepare for that game, we need to recharge and refocus,” Paylor said. “Yes, we’re just coming off a very big win, but one isn’t the whole season. It won’t mean much if we can’t win the next one, so it’s back to work today.”

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