Youths break into cop’s home

by Phil Ambroziak

The recent arrest of three youths in connection with a break-and-enter to a residence in Meadow Lake has police describing the incident as anything but typical.

According to the Meadow Lake RCMP, on Oct. 6 around 5:15 a.m., three young offenders wearing black bandanas broke into an off-duty RCMP officer’s house. No damage was done and nothing was stolen.

“Two off-duty officers were in the living room and gave chase, catching one of the offenders,” noted Meadow Lake RCMP Cst. Trevor Hanson in a recent press release.

This led to the other two suspects also being arrested. Hanson went on to state the three individuals were aware it was a police officer’s house at the time of the break-in. All three were charged with break-and-enter, as well as disguise with the intent to commit an indictable offence. They appeared in Meadow Lake Provincial Court last week.

Meanwhile, five young offenders and one adult, Louis Merasty, were in court Oct. 10 after being arrested and charged in connection with a residential break-and-enter in the 800 block of Centre Street Oct. 8. The incident occurred around 9 p.m. while the homeowner was present.

“They had bandanas over their faces and stole two guns from the house,” Hanson continued. “The homeowner was not harmed. Shortly after the break-and-enter, reports of shots fired on Flying Dust First Nation were received.”

The investigation resulted in the six arrests. Both guns stolen from the residence were recovered, including a loaded handgun. The suspects were charged with break, enter and theft of firearms, disguise with the intent to commit an indictable offence, breaches and careless use of a firearm.

In spite of the number of young people involved, police want to reassure the public that matters are well in hand.

“It’s certainly not often we arrest so many young people at one time,” noted Meadow Lake RCMP Sgt. Brian Neilmeyer when interviewed last week. “The good thing is we have several people in custody. In the last couple of nights there have been no incidents reported, so it appears we’re on the right track to rectifying this situation and finding those potentially responsible.”

A meeting to discuss further steps toward establishing crime reduction strategies between the RCMP and other community-based organizations is scheduled for Oct. 23 at the Lions Den.

“Ultimately, our goal is to have fewer people, especially youth, involved in the justice system,” Neilmeyer said.


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