Truck crashes into seniors’ complex

by Derek Cornet

A Meadow Lake resident says he was inches from death recently when a truck barrelled into Meadow Manor on Centre Street.

“When it hit, I thought it was an earthquake,” manor resident Roy Carter said. “There was a loud crash in the other room and I thought something had fallen on Robert.”

Robert Porlier, Carter’s roommate, was organizing his music when he said he briefly moved from a spot he had been sitting. Within moments, a truck came crashing through the bedroom wall, launching his large record player about 10 feet across the room and into the closet.

“I couldn’t move and I started shouting for Roy,” Porlier said

On Oct. 11 around 4 p.m., Meadow Lake RCMP say a small-size car was travelling east on 6th Avenue West when it came to the intersection at Centre Street. Attempting to cross the intersection, the car drove forward, crashing into a blue Chevrolet truck, which, in turn, smashed into Meadow Manor.

RCMP Staff Sgt.Tim Korman confirmed the incident and said the woman driving the car was charged with careless driving. He also said no one received any serious injuries.

“Nobody on the scene required medical treatment,” Korman said.

After checking on Porlier to see if he was hurt, Carter called 911. He requested an ambulance and police assistance before hanging up and going outside.

“I thought there was going to be somebody dead outside,” Carter said. “When I went outside, there was a man helping three children out from the back seats of the truck. They were crying and very frightened.”

Recognizing the driver of the car, Carter ran to her vehicle where she was still sitting. He asked if she was OK and she responded that she’d hurt her head. He then questioned her about the collision and about how she hit the truck. She allegedly told him the sun obstructed her vision, making it difficult to see when looking toward the south.

Carter praised the response time of the emergency services, especially the prompt arrival of Meadow Lake Fire and Rescue. He added it was incredible no one was seriously hurt, either in the car crash or those inside the building.

“I don’t think anyone, including the police, realize how close Robert came to death,” Carter said. “If he was hit by that big record machine, flying through the air like a bullet, it might have killed him.”

As for the apartment, the Meadow Lake Housing Authority asked if they would like to move to another suite, which they agreed. However, the unit wasn’t expected to be ready until the end of October, so Carter and Porlier have to make due with the temporary patch constructed to enclose the wall until that time.


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