One injured in semi tractor trailer crash

A cleanup crew on the scene the day after a recent crash involving two semi tractor trailers south of Meadow Lake.

A cleanup crew on the scene the day after a recent crash involving two semi tractor trailers south of Meadow Lake.

by Phil Ambroziak

The irresistible force met the immovable object Nov. 25 when, shortly before 8 p.m., two semi tractor trailers collided south of Meadow Lake.

RCMP were called to the intersection of Highways 4 and 304 at 7:58 p.m. to investigate the crash. According to Meadow Lake RCMP Staff Sgt. Tim Korman, it appeared a semi travelling east on Highway 304 pulled in front of the other truck, which was southbound on Highway 4, resulting in the collision.

“The southbound truck belonged to Edge Transportation and was hauling a load from the pulp mill,” Korman said. “I don’t know who owned the other truck, but the driver did have an Alberta address. I also understand one of the drivers broke his leg in the crash, but I’m uncertain as to which driver it was.”

Meadow Lake Fire and Rescue also responded to the call and were required to extricate the Edge Transportation driver from his vehicle. It took close to an hour-and-a-half before he could be freed.

“Generally speaking, extrication is the process of removing a damaged vehicle or equipment from a casualty so they can be safely removed from the wreckage and given proper medical attention,” explained fire chief Neil Marsh. “In the case of a transport truck, it can be more difficult because of the size of the vehicle and the material involved. In this particular incident, the driver was quite seriously injured. He was travelling at highway speed, so when the other truck pulled out in front of him it was quite the high-energy collision. This was probably the third time this year we’ve had to extricate someone involved in a semi crash.”

Charges have been laid against the driver of the semi unit who was travelling on Highway 304. The charge is driving without due care and attention.

According to Parker Snyder, plant manager at Meadow Lake OSB, the eastbound driver worked for W5 Transport out of Stony Plains, AB and was on his way to the OSB mill at the time of the incident.

Meanwhile, Korman encourages all drivers – including tractor trailer drivers or otherwise – to be mindful of the basic rules of the road and to to drive accordingly at all times.

“During the recent snowstorm, I drove to the pulp mill and back to check the conditions of the highway,” he said. “I personally passed a number of semis hauling logs, lumber, pulp, you name it. I understand they have schedules to keep and are working to support their families, but if the weather calls for it they need to be pulling over and waiting for things to clear up. If they were to hit an everyday vehicle, chances are everyone would be dead.”

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