Meadow Lake school receives research grant

Jubilee Elementary School teacher Andrea Pearson reads a book with Grade 4 student Jada Roberts.

Jubilee Elementary School teacher Andrea Pearson reads a book with Grade 4 student Jada Roberts.

by Phil Ambroziak

“When you’re able to read, a lot of doors will open for you.”

Those were the words of Jubilee Elementary School principal Davin Hildebrand after it was announced the Meadow Lake school was the recipient of a research grant for more than $8,000 from the Dr. Stirling McDowell Foundation. The money will be used to develop a collaborative, intellectually engaged team to support reading comprehension instruction.

“The focus of the grant is to form a team to help support teachers in terms of literacy instruction – it’s teachers helping teachers,” Hildebrand reiterated. “Student literacy is a goal of both our school and the school division.”

The research team includes Hildebrand, Daryl Pearson, Cheryl Treptow, Michelle Hildebrand and Andrea Pearson while the total amount of grant money received was $8,645.

“Davin applied for the grant, presented the research idea to the staff and asked for a few volunteers to join him on the research team,” Treptow noted. “I decided to join because it’s important we try to tackle literacy as a team – that’s the entire goal of this project.”

Hildebrand applied for the grant early in the school year, but didn’t find out until the end of October the school would be getting the money.

“Since then, we attended a conference in Saskatoon called Learning From Practice,” he said. “In the next few months, we’ll be working to develop a paper (about support for reading comprehension instruction) that we’ll be presenting at next fall’s Learning From Practice conference.”

The Dr. Stirling McDowell Foundation is an independent charitable organization created by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation in response to teachers’ needs for greater involvement in educational research.

“Possessing strong literacy skills is important when it comes to accessing the world around you,” Hildebrand said. “Also, there’s nothing quite like curling up on the couch with a good book. This is also a great opportunity for our school to become a leader on a different scale.”


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