Arts highlighted at schools

Gateway’s Got Talent was held May 8. Here, Grade 5 student Vincent Domingo power dances.

Gateway’s Got Talent was held May 8. Here, Grade 5 student Vincent Domingo power dances.

by Derek Cornet

Lights shone bright last week as some of Meadow Lake’s most artistic students bathed in the spotlight.

Gateway Elementary School hosted the second edition of Gateway’s Got Talent May 8 while, on May 6, proud parents packed the gymnasium for Jonas Samson Junior High School’s (JSJH) Showcase of the Arts. Gateway vice-principal Angela Ellis said all the money raised at her school’s event would be used to purchase accessible playground equipment.

“The idea for this event came from the school community council and it has become one of our biggest fundraisers of the year,” she said.

While artwork was on display and the JSJH band entertained the audience who gathered at the Showcase of the Arts, a wide variety of talents were exhibited at Gateway including singing, gymnastics, dancing and jigging. Ellis said there were students who entered the talent show who she never knew were so skilled and she was delighted by the array of talents each student possessed.

While some students earn their talent by participating in school groups, Ellis said others have developed their skills on their own or with local trainers in the community. She went on to say some students were used to performing in front of an audience but, for some, it was more difficult because they may have never performed alone before.
“Overall, it was a feel-good night and it makes us feel proud to provide an opportunity for our students to be noticed,” Ellis said.

Money was raised through a variety of endeavours such as a concession, bucket buster draws, mystery prizes and a silent auction. While the the amount raised wasn’t available by press time, last year’s event raised close to $4,000.

Grade 5 students Montana Graham and Vincent Domingo were among two dozen performers at the Gateway show. Graham – who describes herself as a cowgirl – has been singing since she was a toddler and continues to do so because it helps her express her feelings.

“I’m not used to singing in front of people, but it makes me happy,” Graham said. “I chose the song Cowgirls Don’t Cry because I’m one and they do.”

Domingo – who was a fan favourite at the show – took to the stage with his power dance routine. He said he became interested in dancing after watching it on TV and hasn’t stopped practising since.

“You can be a power dancer if you have the talent, but you can also be trained to be one,” he said.

Graham and Domingo said they would like to participate again next year, stating they had a lot of fun doing so. While Graham will find another tune to sing, Domingo said he might sing a song too.


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