City to conduct road improvements

by Phil Ambroziak

The City of Meadow Lake recently called off a May 15 public meeting that would have laid out potential plans for improvements to the service road west of Highway 4.

City officials were hoping to engage area business owners in its short-term plans to dust proof the road using calcium chloride. The meeting also would have been an opportunity for the public to offer insight into how the city could tackle a long-term fix for the stretch that houses a series of stores, car dealerships, a restaurant and, in the near future, a Tim Hortons.

“I recommended we meet with the businesses to let them know what we’re doing,” explained city councillor Conrad Read. “The idea was to have Edgar (city engineer Edgar Parreno) get local contractor Harvey Harriott of BMTR Ventures to explain our plans for a short-term solution and to answer any questions about the project.”

According to city manager Diana Burton, however, the meeting was cancelled because of personnel reasons and no new date has yet been scheduled.

“It won’t be for at least a couple of months,” she said.

Meanwhile, Read said something permanent must be done eventually instead of the quick fixes that have taken place in the past, adding short-term solutions in previous years worked in terms of keeping dust under control but did very little as far as strengthening the actual road is concerned.

“We can’t rebuild the road at this time because we don’t have the finances,” he said. “But, Edgar and Harvey have worked out all the details about strengthening the sub-grade and using calcium chloride on it to help keep it dust-free.”

Read went on to reiterate the fix would still only be a temporary one, however, but also a necessary one because of the service road’s “substandard” condition at this time.

“I’m sure people aren’t too happy travelling down that road,” he said. “That’s why we want to hold a public meeting about this. They may be able to suggest ideas for a long-term solution or even ways in which they could contribute to that solution.”

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